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We know that quality matters for savvy households in Los Angeles, and finding the right Los Angeles movers to meet these high expectations is no exception. Since we’re one of the best Los Angeles movers you can choose for your move, we wanted to share just some of the top reasons why we’re the best choice for your moving needs.

Our outstanding services

When choosing a moving company, the starting point should always be whether or not that moving company can fully meet your moving needs and expectations. At Got2Move, we’ve designed our services to provide everything your Los Angeles household needs to complete your home move.

For example, we’re not just basic movers – we’re proud to be known as a quality team of movers and packers beyond basic moving services. As one of the best teams of movers and packers in the Los Angeles area, we’re proud to offer packing services that can help streamline your move from start to finish, so you don’t need to worry about trying to pack everything before the movers arrive. When we show up, we’re happy to do the packing for you, with care and attention to detail provided to all of your possessions for maximum protection.

With the packing phase taken care of, our next logical service for Los Angeles home moving is our professional moving services. We specialize in Los Angeles home moves both within Los Angeles and moving in and out of the Los Angeles area. We’re also fully adept at large-scale projects, so rest assured knowing that no move is too big for our team to handle.

Our Los Angeles moving services will get you where you need to go

Our Los Angeles moving services span the entire Los Angeles area, including Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Rancho Palos Verdes, San Marino, Pacific Palisades, Palos Verdes Estates, Encino, Calabasas, Brentwood and much more. As anyone in Los Angeles knows, there are simply too many locations to list them all, so please simply assume that we’ve got you covered! We’re also happy to offer longer distance moving services within the state of California for our Los Angeles moving customers. Many of our customers come to us for our services in moving from Los Angeles to the San Francisco Bay Area, moving from Los Angeles to San Diego, and moving from Los Angeles to the Sacramento area.

Elite customer satisfaction record

At Got2Move, we have an elite customer satisfaction record for our Los Angeles moving services worthy of high praise and better than most movies achieve on Rotten Tomatoes. One look at our Yelp page reveals hundreds of positive ratings from happily satisfied moving customers, and at the time of writing we’re even happy to boast an outstanding 5-star rating on Yelp. In addition, we’ve also worked hard to ensure that we maintain an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, who uses their own strict standards and policies to evaluate businesses like ours. When looking for Los Angeles movers and packers, we’re sure that you’ll have a hard time finding anyone with a more positive reputation than our team at Got2Move.

Backed by license and insurance

To add more assurance for your move, we’re also committed to always maintaining our license and insurance. We see this as a baseline requirement for anyone looking for Los Angeles moving services. A formal license and insurance is a must-have for any moving team that you’re considering, because it’s important for a customer like you to know that if anything unexpected arises, you’ll have insurance in place to protect your valuables. If you’re interested in checking our license and insurance information, you can visit cpuc.ca.gov/tmis and input our MTR number 191707. We pride ourselves on being a fully transparent moving company, so we want to provide as much information as possible to helps our customers make the best decisions.

Full pricing transparency

When it comes to controlling costs, our customers often choose us because they know they can save time and money by enlisting our efficient moving services. To keep costs as clear as possible for our customers, we’re also happy to provide one of the best pricing processes around.

Our simple and transparent pricing policies are fundamentally based on California PUC regulations, but aim to provide you with an even better experience with no hidden charges or surprises.

When you approach our team to inquire about your move, we’re always happy to take the time to discuss your move with you and gather details about your needs. This allows us to provide extremely reliable price quotes, which our customers love because they know they won’t need waste time going back and forth about the costs when it comes time to make payment. If necessary, our team is also happy to provide a free onsite estimate where we can go over your moving needs in detail with you.