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Sacramento Moving and Storage Services

Not just the state capital, Sacramento is a bustling city of opportunity for countless Californians looking to still have a taste of city life with all the allure of upstate California to go with it. With stunning forests and eclectic city scapes, this beautiful location is a hotspot for those looking to move from San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and beyond to have a taste of the more suburban, woodsy side of California.

For those looking to move to this beautiful area, however, it may be difficult to find a moving and storage company that fits your specific needs and goals. After all, trusting any company with your prized possessions across-state can feel like a very daunting task. Fortunately, with Got2Move, this stress is a thing of the past.

Experience and Quality Combined

One of the things that helps our amazing team stand out in the crowd is our experience and high-quality performance with each and every one of our various clients. Our qualified staff doesn’t just begin and end with our movers and packers, however. Our storage facility workers, office staff, and customer service specialists all work diligently to make the moving process as simple and smooth as possible.

Because we all love our state whole-heartedly, our main goal isn’t to make money and lift boxes. Instead, we focus on our clients' wants and needs in order to leave them fully satisfied with our work every time. This is why our clients always come back for future moves as they know we care for their possessions like our own, offer storage solutions even when we ourselves can’t provide them, and truly care about making their move a cake walk. From the packaging products we use, the labeling process we have instilled, and the way we pack and unpack your items, all the way to the affordable price of our services and the high quality of our team and vehicles, everything we do is with our customers in mind.

In bigger cities like Sacramento, it’s these little accommodations that truly make all the difference and help our clients to not feel overwhelmed or regret their big moves without fail. This is the nuance and consideration you can expect with a compassionate and experienced team like the one at Got2Move.


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Storage Solutions in a Sitch

If you’re moving from the Bay Area to Sacramento but not ready to move and pack all of your belongings, we at Got2Move offer premium storage solutions in sunny San Leandro, California. However, even if you don’t have any plans to pass by our amazing storage units yet still need a storage facility that’s right for you, our dedicated staff will gladly assist you in your search and offer you a list of the best local storage facilities to choose from.

While it may not benefit us financially to do so, the benefit it brings comes in the form of the smiling faces of our countless customers as their monumental move becomes more and more manageable by the minute. After all, in a state as big and bold as California, sometimes, the thing we need most is a break from the chaos and a moment to find ourselves once again.


It’s simple math. First, each moving company determines their cost per unit of stuff. Then we use a standard formula to get exact prices for you.

How much stuff you have

How far you're going

Additional services

Guaranteed price


  • Free in-home consultation with up to three movers.
  • Box delivery prior to your move.
  • Special handling by a carpenter to disassemble and reassemble such items as custom furniture, flat screen TVs, cribs and more.
  • Custom-made crates made by a professional carpenter to transport valuables such as antiques, fine art and chandeliers.
  • Packing and unpacking services.

It’s More Than a job for us

Because our time is composed of California residents that love their job and actively seek to do it full time, each and every project we take on has meaning to us. We genuinely want to help to the best of our abilities to make all of our customers as happy as we possibly can. To us, moving and storage is a career that we love and not just another run-of-the-mill job.

This is why we chose to fully license and insure our entire team, actively open up new locations and storage facilities, and even offer storage solutions to our customers that aren’t ours when our locations are too far away. It’s these small attentions to detail that show our care and consideration not just as a team but under our highly-rated and locally-renowned brand name, Got2Move.

California Pride Prevails

While other moving and packing companies rely on out-of-state contract workers, at Got2Move, we actively hire only real Californians with real knowledge on each and every city we provide our services to. In this way, we strip away the unsuredness of traveling in a different big city and offer the most streamlined and knowledgeable experience possible.

Our employees aren’t just fully licensed and insured but know their way around Sacramento making them great for finding your new place, taking clever shortcuts, and even simply finding a place to park before the big day. It also doesn’t hurt that each of our team members has tried and true California pride. We aren’t just happy to help you actualize your goals but are happy to see you thrive in one of the many cities we ourselves call home.


What size of a storage unit do I need when I move in Sacramento?

Usually for an average furnished small studio (500 sq ft) you’d need 10’x8' ft; 1-bdrm apt (600-800 sq ft) - 10’x10’ or 10’x15’; 2-bdrm apt (1100-1500 sq ft) - 10’x15’ or 10’x20’; 3-bdrm house (1700-2000 sq ft) - 10’x30’.

Does Got2Move operate their own storage facility in Sacramento?

No, we do not. However, we will be able to find a good storage facility for your needs. In addition, if you are planning to move to the San Francisco Bay Area or Sothern California we can store your items at our facility in San Leandro, CA.

How should furniture be protected while being stored in Sacramento?

Don’t leave any items unpacked in a storage: miscellaneous items should be packed in sturdy boxes or plastic bins and the furniture should professionally wrapped in moving pads and plastic wrap.

What other moving services in Sacramento do you provide?

In Sacramento, we provide packing and unpacking services, furniture dis- and reassembly, artwork crating, old furniture hauling.

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Jacqueline Rocha
Jacqueline Rocha
I was referred to Got2Move from a friend who had previously hired their moving services. We hired them to help move my sister locally and their service was great. Their customer service and communication was quick and easy. My sister has a lot of...
55_review Jan 20
Ella Fernandez
Ella Fernandez
We hired them during my friends' move out of state & I noticed how efficient the team from communication , on time & the process of moving things. Given that my friends apt is on 3rd floor. We advice them of items that are fragile and have seen how...
46_review Jan 6
Rozanna Vakhapova
Rozanna Vakhapova
I was looking for a moving company and I found this company thru a friend. I told them that I have to move all my stuff that was in San Jose to LA. They acknowledge that and helped me in efficient time move out all my stuff to a new place. Thank you...
47_review Jan 5
Brendan L.
Brendan L.
I had a very good experience using Got2Move. The movers were very efficient and friendly and the process was painless. They wrapped and protected all of my furniture well. The cost was fair and they were very responsive confirming the booking and...
61_review Dec 23
Nancy Kaur
Nancy Kaur
I hired them to do a move for my cousin. They are hands down one of the best moving companies I have worked with. They were amazing and went above and beyond when I was forced to make some last minute changes to the move. They took it all in...
45_review Dec 22
Michael Lawson
Michael Lawson
I was looking for some good mover to help me with shifting of my house. Upon searching, I found Got2Move. Their reviews convinced me to hired them. They were honest, punctual and cooperative. 100% Recommended.
48_review Dec 16

Our Raving Reviews say it all

If you look closely, you will see countless reviews specifically mentioning different members of our considerate team, extra efforts we made to keep our customers happy, and accommodations that made all the difference. Unlike other moving and storage companies out there, our dedication to our clients doesn’t stop with the bare minimum. We don’t just move and store boxes—we create long-lasting positive memories that keep our clients happy for years to come and knowing exactly who to call when their next move is around the corner.

According to Sherissa B., one of our many past clients,

“This is my second time using Got 2 Move in Sacramento - And its always a breeze on moving day. The best investment for any city move.

David and his brother literally walk into your home, ask what is going/staying/needing to be packed/etc & then straight into their business. After arriving to my storage unit was even approached by another woman asking for my movers info (after hiring two men who were more work managing) than being handy. This stranger mentioned that the Got 2 Move team was hustling back & forth - following sprints back to the truck after loading it into the storage building elevator.

(Seriously??!!! Ahhhhhsome)

Thank you boys for another smooth go! Moving day can definitely be an easy day with these guys :)”

This five star review is one of hundreds that show just how determined we are to not just be the best but remain the best for years to come. Our team all work for us full-time which ensures that every job isn’t simply treated like a ‘gig’ but a highly important piece of the puzzle that makes up our reputation and their experience as movers and packers in Sacramento and beyond.

Let’s Work Together

With a quality set of staff, careful consideration of your goals and possessions, and a love for California that’s unparalleled, it’s clear to see why Got2Move remains one of the best rated moving and storage companies in the state. To see all that we can do for you, contact us today and let’s make your moving dreams a reality!