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Los Angeles Moving and Storage Services

Considered one of the most bustling cities in America, moving and storage in Los Angeles can be just as frustrating and slow as taking the I-10 into the heart of the city of angels. This is why many residents looking to move within California and potentially store some of their possessions during the move give up before they’ve even begun.

After all, what makes a moving and storage company like Got2Move different from these many other frustrating companies to work with and how does their moving and storage experience differ so drastically? To answer this, let’s take a look at the many things that help our team to stand apart and how they quickly transform any stressful move into a streamlined ‘walk on the beach.’

Moving Made Simple

From the way we expertly pack every item in your home to the way we move them between homes with the precision and care needed to do it right the first time, our team knows what they’re doing. We’ve perfected moving and we continue to find ways to streamline every move and still leave our customers over the moon about our work every day.

When choosing to move to or within Los Angeles, it takes a certain level of expertise and knowledge to do so without becoming stressed and overwhelmed. This is where practice has made perfect. After decades performing moving and storage services for countless people, our team knows what to do to get their message across effectively, pack and move in the most efficient manner, and work with clients to keep them happy and bragging about their affordable moving and storage company, Got2Move, for years.


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Our Reputation Precedes us

One of the first ways our team of highly dedicated movers and packers stands apart in the crowd is through the reputation we have fought tirelessly to create for ourselves. Instead of relying on our own promise of excellence, it is clear to see just how experienced and high-quality our team and work are by looking at our online reviews alone.

On Yelp, Got2Move has an impressive 4.5 rating out of 260 reviews and years in business statewide. This is because of our endless accommodations to our clients, our devotion to what we do best, and our knowledge of the city that goes well beyond a simple move but can also include restaurant recommendations, parking and daily route alternatives, and even help finding other closer storage options.


It’s simple math. First, each moving company determines their cost per unit of stuff. Then we use a standard formula to get exact prices for you.

How much stuff you have

How far you're going

Additional services

Guaranteed price


  • Free in-home consultation with up to three movers.
  • Box delivery prior to your move.
  • Special handling by a carpenter to disassemble and reassemble such items as custom furniture, flat screen TVs, cribs and more.
  • Custom-made crates made by a professional carpenter to transport valuables such as antiques, fine art and chandeliers.
  • Packing and unpacking services.

Hometown Experts With Credentials to Match

While other moving and storage companies rely on contractors and have little to no experience in any city but their own, the team at Got2Move spans across the entire state of California and is composed entirely of dedicated moving experts willing to work full-time doing what they love.

Paired with their experience and credentials, each of our team members is also a local in one of our many service cities. This means that no matter where you plan to move, our team is sure to know the best routes and recommendations to make your moving experience a breeze. Instead of worrying about the move or your belongings, focus on your future in your new home and don’t be afraid to be excited for what’s to come. We’ll do all the heavy lifting for you so you can simply get to living.

Storage Options for any Situation

While we may not have a storage facility in Los Angeles, our San Leandro facility is truly made for safely storing even the most prized of possessions cost-effectively. We offer this service to anyone looking for long or short term storage and have varying sizes of storage rooms available for any and every moving need.

However, if you simply want to stay local, we at Got2Move are so confident in our services, we have no problem helping you find a trustworthy storage facility in Los Angeles to accommodate your needs instead. This is how we don’t just cultivate a business relationship with our clients but actually show our respect and attention to detail as well.


Can you store my items if I move from Los Angeles to the San Francisco Bay Area?

Yes, we can help you. Our storage facility is located in San Leandro, CA that is why you can count on us if you are moving from LA to SF and need storage-in-transit services.

Can you help to arrange storage services for me in LA?

Yes! Even though Got2Move does not operate its own storage in the Greater LA we will be more than welcome to help you with your moving needs including choosing the best self storage facility for your needs.

Can you prepare my furniture for storing it in LA?

Yes. Got2Move is a team of professional movers and packers in LA who know how to professional disassemble and protect different types of furniture to make sure it will be moved and stored safely.

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Jacqueline Rocha
Jacqueline Rocha
I was referred to Got2Move from a friend who had previously hired their moving services. We hired them to help move my sister locally and their service was great. Their customer service and communication was quick and easy. My sister has a lot of...
55_review Jan 20
Ella Fernandez
Ella Fernandez
We hired them during my friends' move out of state & I noticed how efficient the team from communication , on time & the process of moving things. Given that my friends apt is on 3rd floor. We advice them of items that are fragile and have seen how...
46_review Jan 6
Rozanna Vakhapova
Rozanna Vakhapova
I was looking for a moving company and I found this company thru a friend. I told them that I have to move all my stuff that was in San Jose to LA. They acknowledge that and helped me in efficient time move out all my stuff to a new place. Thank you...
47_review Jan 5
Brendan L.
Brendan L.
I had a very good experience using Got2Move. The movers were very efficient and friendly and the process was painless. They wrapped and protected all of my furniture well. The cost was fair and they were very responsive confirming the booking and...
61_review Dec 23
Nancy Kaur
Nancy Kaur
I hired them to do a move for my cousin. They are hands down one of the best moving companies I have worked with. They were amazing and went above and beyond when I was forced to make some last minute changes to the move. They took it all in...
45_review Dec 22
Michael Lawson
Michael Lawson
I was looking for some good mover to help me with shifting of my house. Upon searching, I found Got2Move. Their reviews convinced me to hired them. They were honest, punctual and cooperative. 100% Recommended.
48_review Dec 16

See What we can do for you!

Now that all of our services and perks have been outlined above, all that’s left is to contact us today and see how we can help make your Los Angeles move as easy as possible. At Got2Move, our main priority is our clients and that’s why we are always happy to help with every step of the moving process and beyond!

As Marika S. from Atwater Village puts it,

“We had a huge job moving my folks out of the city including a house and storage units. We hired David and his crew for both jobs and they were fantastic. David was always very responsive whenever I had questions and would immediately text me back. The guys arrived on time and were great at packing the massive amount of stuff so it could fit into the trucks and storage units which was a concern for us. They did a great job and at a very fair price. I highly recommend this company!”

This just continues to show the love and respect we’ve cultivated across the entire state of California and why both ourselves and our clients realize this work is done with passion, not reluctance.


Over 2000+ Happy customers can’t be wrong! Become our customer today and start exploring our extensive portfolio. You’ll find something for your needs for sure!