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San Francisco Bay Area & Greater Los Angeles Professional Moving Company. License: MTR0191707

Frequently Asked Questions

Read the questions people frequently ask Got2Move.

The short answer is ‘Yes,’ if you hire a licensed moving company to do your move. Unlike most moving companies in California, however, we will tell you the truth what that ‘yes’ means. By California laws every moving company must provide a so-called basic coverage for each move free of charge. Basic coverage covers any damages or losses during a move based on the weight of a damaged item; the coverage is $0.60 (sixty cents) per pound per article.


For example, if a dresser weighting 100 pounds gets damaged or lost during the move, a moving company will have to pay you 100 x $0.60 = $60 towards the repairs or replacement regardless the actual cost of the dresser. That’s how the law works.  It a shippers’ (customers’) responsibility to arrange a higher limit coverage or additional insurance if they want it.


Unlike most moving companies in California, Got2Move offers higher limits for moving coverage in-house. Please read more about moving coverage and insurance options here.

Yes, Got2Move is! Go to and enter the carrier’s ID enter ‘191707.’ The company is authorized to perform local and long distance moves in California. Got2Move is not licensed to perform interstate moves.

In short, we divide moving coverage into two categories

1.  the ones you can obtain through Got2Move

-  basic coverage
-  full value coverage

2.  the ones you would need to arrange on a side

-  third-party moving insurance companies offering insurance policies specifically for household and office goods during relocation
-  check if your renter’s or home owner’s insurance covers any losses during a move

Please note that most moving companies in California don’t provide anything but basic coverage ($0.60 per pound per article.) Got2Move provides full value coverage options in-house! Please read more about moving coverage and insurance options here.

Yes, we do work on Sundays and Holidays.

Yes, we do provide full packing service i.e. packing dishes, books, files, miscellaneous items etc. into boxes.  

Not necessarily. We vary our rates depends on supply and demand for our service as well as reflecting the rising cost of doing business in California (higher taxes, work comp, insurance, fuel, rent and other costs)

Yes, we do provide storage service. Either you need a storage-in-transit (short-term storage) or long-term storage service  Got2Move will help you. We store customers’ goods in storage vaults at 1611 Abram Ct, San Leandro, CA 94577. Read more here.

In most cases, we apply only an all-inclusive hourly rate and flat rate fuel fee. In some cases when people request special packaging materials like wine boxes, dish-packs, mattress boxes, or crating statues, or dumping some stuff etc., – we add extra charges discussed cases by cases. Unlike many moving companies in San Francisco Bay Area and SoCal WE DO NOT CHARGE EXTRA FOR:

  • tape
  • shrink-wrap
  • the use of wardrobe boxes
  • the use of moving pads
  • long-distance carry distance
  • The use of elevators and/or stairs 

As it is said above, in most cases the total cost for the local move will be calculated as:




Methods of payment:

  • cash
  • cashier’s checks
  • cryptocurrency
  • money orders
  • cards (+3.5% fee will be applied)
  • the combination of the methods mentioned above


No personal and business checks will be accepted as a form of payment.

Yes, we do! We specialize in Bay Area to/from SoCal moves. We relocate people and businesses between San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento on one side and LA, Orange County, San Diego and San Bernardino County – on another one – pretty much every day!

Currently we do not offer interstate moving services!

Yes, we do! We provide flat rates for every long-distance move in California.

As for local moves. We provide the ‘Not to Exceed’ rates after on-site estimates. 

Usually Got2Move applies minimum 3.5 hours for most local moves. We charge with 15-minute increments thereafter. 

Here at Got2Move we gather detailed information about every long distance move and provide a flat rate for such moves. As long as the specifics of the move don’t change during the move (inventory list, first of all) the quoted flat rate price will not change.


Hence, Got2Move is well-known for providing flat rate quotes. People love straightforward and simple pricing and Got2Move is pleased to provide it.


Methods of payment:

  • cash
  • cashier’s checks
  • money orders
  • cryptocurrency
  • cards (+3.5% fee will be applied)
  • the combination of the methods mentioned above


No personal and business checks will be accepted as a form of payment.

Ideal way to pack TVs is to use original packaging supplies. If it is not the case we use regular boxes, bubble-wrap and moving pads to protects TVs.  Basically we do TV soft-crating when the whole TV is protected with a few layers of protective supplies to sustain a move inside of a truck.

Methods of payment:

  • cash
  • cashier’s checks
  • money orders
  • cryptocurrency
  • cards (+3.5% fee will be applied)
  • the combination of the methods mentioned above


No personal and business checks will be accepted as a form of payment.

Got2Move will be able to bring your unneeded items to a dump. The way we charge for this service usually is $200-$300 to dispatch a 2-man crew to a dumpster + the reimbursement for the fees at a dumpster where they charge by weight and the nature of dumped items.  It costs extra to dump mattresses, box springs, and appliances than other regular items like an unneeded dresser, for example.

We recommend to make a reservation 2-4 weeks before the move happens. If you are not sure about a moving date we recommend to make this note for us and still book. We will hold a spot for you and follow-up later to check about the status of your moving plans. Usually we tend to get booked 3 weeks in advance for Fridays, weekends and the last week of each month. We are less busies between the 5th and 12th date of each month

In most cases we don’t charge a cancellation or rescheduling fees. However there are exceptions when we may enforce this policy:

  • a customer requests more than 1 truck and 3 movers on busy days
  • a customer reserves our service last minute (for tomorrow or the day after tomorrow)
  • a customer makes a reservation for a big moving project which would last more than a day

Basically anytime there is a risk that a client cancels the move and we would loose money by not booking another job we may charge and non-refundable deposit.

Got2Move as all other moving companies in California are not allowed to attached or detach anything from/to real property as we don’t hold a carpenter’s or construction license. In most cases our employees will be able to remove a TV from wall brackets. We might be even able to remove the brackets from the wall only if a customer signs that ‘Got2Move is not responsible for any damages associated with dismounting TV brackets.’ Basically we should be reasonable and take an extra step helping our clients as long as the risk of something is going wrong is very little.

Technically in most cases it’s not hard to disconnect and reconnect appliances per se but it requires a trained technician to make sure that the job will be done correctly to avoid any damages to real property.

Having said so Got2Move can’t

  • Disconnect appliances or reconnect them in the new residence
  • Disconnect utilities
  • Repair appliances
  • Perform any wiring, plumbing, electrical or carpentry services

So, please, hire licensed professionals to disconnect and reconnect your major appliances. Got2Move will do the rest!

Got2Move does move pianos. We do not specialize in moving pianos when it requires maneuvering through narrow staircases, though. We also refuse from moving old, antique pianos.

Yes, we do! Give us a ring! Currently we provide such service in the San Francisco Bay Area and Greater Los Angeles.

We recommend a customer or his/her representative to be present upon pickup/loading and delivery/unloading.  Sometimes clients may not present through the course of their move; in such cases, we recommend to give written orders, reminders to our movers

No, you don’t have to! Tips is voluntarily and our movers work hard to deserve them. If you decide to tip you may leave the tips on a card and we pass to our guys. The best way to tip is to give a check or cash to each mover individually. Normally people tip 10-15% per crew from the total cost of the move.

Each and every city and town may have different regulations. To save time we would recommend to call a local police station using a non-emergency number. They will either be able to help you or refer to a right agency.

Most of our fleet is 26-foot box trucks (1700-1800 cu ft.). We have smaller trucks for small moves and hard-to-reach areas: 16-foot, 18-foot, and 20-foot trucks.

Short answer is ‘No’ – nobody but only Got2Move employees are allowed in the company’s trucks during a move. You can carefully get into the truck after the move to inspect it. If you want to help movers on a moving date, you may bring some stuff close to our truck.

Unfortunately no, as our insurance company does not allow us to do give a ride to our clients. 

Yes, we do provide wardrobe boxes. The use of them is free of charge as long as our employees use them for hanging clothing. If a wardrobe box is used for loose items which a client has not packed to save time and room we would charge $15 per wardrobe box. Also we would apply a $15 charge per each wardrobe box if you want to keep it for any reason (may be you are moving to a storage or your walk-in closets are not ready at your new home.)

Yes, you can. Give us a call, tell us about your needs and we will help you.  Usually we will need at least 2 days to get your order ready. Delivery fee will depend on the distance and time traveled from our warehouse to your place.

We don’t use used boxes as it’s not very professional and safe. So we regard used boxes as unneeded items which has to be either donated or dumped. Since we don’t need such boxes we would charge extra to dump them. That ‘extra’ will depend on the extra distance and time needed to bring the boxes to a dumpster plus the fee charged by the dumpster (they will charge by weight.)

  1. Local move. We collect the payment at the end of the move.
  2. Long-distance move. We collect 50% upon pickup and 50% upon delivery.
  3. Move into our warehouse. We collect the payment for the ‘move-in’ and first month of storage.

We strongly recommend not to leave any items inside the drawers because

  • Having to do so will slow down the move. Movers need to carry, maneuver and lift furniture multiple times throughout the day. So, the extra weight will only slow down the move. Sometime you may not even realize that it can be 150-200 pounds worth of clothing in a medium size 4-drawer dresser.
  • If you leave something inside of the drawer those things may damage the furniture during maneuvering it.
  • Cleaning up the drawers and packing up the stuff from there may surprise you by finding some cash, or lost jewelry, or an old picture.

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