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Top Essentials For Moving Day List

This list of moving day essentials is what you need for a stress-free and successful move. Most of these items will also make the first days at your new home, more comfortable and relaxing – since you'll have important documents and basic supplies on hand.

1. Packing supplies – in case you still have some furniture to pack and move at the last minute. Don't forget to have boxes, bags, scissors, packing paper, tape and a marker, on moving day.

2. Make sure you have a file with all your important documents such as

To move without any troubles

3. If you are driving to your new home, make sure you have your driver's license in your wallet (besides your credit and debit cards, passport card, Social Security card); your car registration and auto insurance cards. Also, don't forget to bring cash and a checkbook.

 4. If you are flying to your new location, gather all of your traveling documents such as passport, airplane tickets, and hotel reservations.

 5. Pack toiletries for the first and second day in your new home (and for the trip), including: toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, shampoo, deodorant, razor, shaving cream, hairbrush, sunblock, cosmetics, paper towels and toilet paper. You might also want to pack a shower curtain and hooks, in case the new home doesn’t have an enclosed shower.

 6. The medication you or your relatives are currently taking. Also, prepare a first aid kit that you can use during the trip to your new residence, and in your new home.

 7. A set of utensils (fork, spoon, and knife) for each member of the family. Plates and cups for your road trip.

 8. Your pet supplies such as leash, food, bowls, crate or bed, and medications.

 9. Remember to pack pajamas and clothes for one or two days – or for the time you will be without your items, until delivery day.

 10. Phones and chargers.

 11. Laptops and their AC adapter/power supply/charger.

To take adapters, power supply and charger

 12. The set of keys of your current and new home.

 13. A list of important phone numbers, including emergency numbers.

 14. Pack a bag with some toys, books and a favorite stuff animal for your kids.

 15. Items for your road trip to your new home such as

 16. You'll want to have cleaning supplies to put your home in order before you leave. These items include: towels, paper towels, bags for the trash, window cleaner, all-purpose cleaner, toilet and shower cleaning supplies, and cleaning equipment like a vacuum cleaner, a broom, a dust pan, and a duster.

Finally, make sure to have all these items ready several days in advance. Remember that the key for a successful move is planning and organization.

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