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Tips For Labeling Your Moving Boxes Like A Pro

Part of the success of any apartment move or relocation, depends on how well you label your moving boxes.  With an efficient labeling system your movers will know where the boxes go, which boxes contain fragile items, and which boxes you or them need to unpack first.

Proper labeling takes the guesswork out of unpacking, and it allows you to locate your belongings easily.

1. Get the tools 

2. Color Code Your Moving Boxes.

Choose a specific color for each of the major rooms (or for any room you wish) such as yellow for the kitchen, red for the dining room, green for the family room, black for the living room, blue for your son's bedroom, pink for your daughter's bedroom, orange for the bathroom(s), etc.

Color code moving boxes with a specific color

Note: Make sure to inform your movers of the system. Print a document with the instructions – with color names and their meanings.

3. Label The Boxes With Fragile Items.

If possible, find stickers that label items as “fragile”. The movers will take special measures for packages containing delicate objects, and you will be able to take the necessary precautions when it's time of unpacking.

In case you don't have these types of stickers on hand, use a big marker and write the word “fragile” on both sides of the box.

Find and use stickers that label items as "frafile"

4. Label The Boxes You Want To Unpack First.

You will want to unpack the boxes with the most necessary items, first – such as toiletries and clothing – so make sure to use a sticker or a pen to label them.

You can also write "High" or "H" to indicate which boxes you want to unpack right away, "Medium" for the boxes that you will be unpacking later, and "Low" for the items that can stay packed even longer or indefinitely.

Finally, make sure to cross out any old label or description – in case you are reusing old boxes. This step is really important to prevent confusion.

Now you know how to label your boxes like a pro!

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