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Tips For Corporate Relocation

Start planning your corporate relocation well in advance, so you can have enough time to cover all the aspects that are part of this process.

The most relevant points that you should incorporate in your plan include:

Ask if your employer offers a relocation package

This is basic because everything else depends on it, including whether or not you have to pay for your entire relocation – and it could potentially affect your decision of taking the job or not.

Many companies offer compensation packages to their employees which often include benefits such as: rent of temporary housing, travel costs, house hunting costs, packing and moving charges.

Tips for corporate relocation

Be aware that these packages vary from company to company, so it is your job to fully understand the policy: what it covers and what the limits are. You need to know all this information before hand, and before you decide to undertake the job or not. That's why is always good to get a written copy of the company's moving benefits and policy. This will give you the chance to negotiate some of the terms (in case you have to), and you will also learn if your employer has tied up with a particular moving company, or if you have the option to choose the company of your preference –or even a specific moving method, since you might even want to choose a self-move or DIY.

Ask your employer how you will be reimbursed for moving-related expenses

You need to know this before you start expending the moving allowance. Some employers offer a one time payment for relocation and you will not have restrictions on how to spend those bucks, but in this case, you won't receive any other payment (even if you spend more money during the process). So, be aware of that.

In other cases, the employer reimburses you for moving related expenses once you've provide him with all the receipts. If this is your situation, remember to save all those documents.

Other employers will pay all or some of your moving expenses directly through the relocation company, while some others hire relocation companies to coordinate and manage the entire process. In that case, you may have to pay the relocation company yourself, or your employer may contribute with one of the payment options we've mentioned previously.

Calculate how much money you’ll spend out of pocket

There's a big chance that your new employer does not cover every single moving related expense; in that situation, you have to prepare a budget to pay for those costs.

Some of the expenses that you probably have to pay for include: home selling costs, house hunting trips, lease cancellation or closing costs, as well as miscellaneous expenses such as: security deposits and temporary storage, among others.

Find the right moving company

If you have the option of hiring the moving company of your preference, search for companies that meet the following requirements:

The good news is that Route 66 Moving meets all the criteria! For years, we've been helping local offices successfully complete corporate moves. So if you have to relocate for a job, don't hesitate to contact us.

We always provide our clients with a custom service that fits their needs and priorities.

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