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Plans for the first days after moving to a new house

Every person who is going to move asks: What life will be at a new place? Will not it disappoint you? Let's work out together what we need to do after the move, to drive away all doubts and get warm to our new home.

Plans for the first days after moving to a new house


  1. First of all, unpack those boxes that contain the things you need in the near future. It is not necessary on the first day to try to completely unpack all the boxes with things and arrange all the furniture in their places. There will be time for this. The first day in the new house is not worth ending with the state of "falling down".
  2. Prepare your family's favorite meals for dinner. During the dinner, share your impressions of the move, dream the whole family, what will be your life in the new house. Make an action plan for the next 10 days: where to go, what to buy, what to do around the house.
  3. Make the home arrangement: post your favorite pictures, photos, arrange souvenirs, hang curtains. This will add a cozy atmosphere to your home.
  4. Inspect your home carefully. Perhaps, something needs to be repaired. If this is not critical, just mark it in the plan for the future. If the problem requires an urgent solution, there's nothing to be done, we'll have to plan for the first few days of minor repairs.
  5. We advise people (who believe in signs) to prepare for the first day in the new house in advance. Read on the Internet what will bring in the house joy, stability, comfort and harmony. Someone buys special amulets, someone reads prayers, and someone first lets in the house a cat. You must decide yourself which signs you believe in.
  6. Go the whole family to the nearest supermarket for shopping, buy everything you need for the first time.
  7. Spend the first days with your family - this is important for all family members, but especially for children and pets. A joint pastime will make it easier for everyone to adapt.
  8. Take a few pictures immediately after moving. When your life in the new house is adjusted, you will be pleased to realize, reviewing these pictures, how much you and your family have done since the move. And believe me - you will have something to be proud of.
  9. A few days after the move, you can begin meeting with neighbors. Ask neighbors about sights, best shops, schools, etc.
  10. Walk the whole family around. You will discover many new things: parks, lakes, playgrounds, entertainment centers, etc. Look for a place where you can go as a family to a picnic.

Surely, each of you will come up with these 10 advices for more than one dozen cases that need to be done for the first time after moving. Just do not overdo it! Fatigue can spoil the impression of moving. This should in no case be allowed.

We wish you a quiet and comfortable life in your new home!

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