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Office relocation under own stream

You are the Head of the business and you have decided to organize office relocation under own stream using the forces of your office team.

You, as the leader should solve inevitable question: how to organize the relocation of the office quickly and efficiently:

Option 1: to organize a move under own stream.

Option 2: to hire a moving company.

Of course, the easiest way is to hire moving professionals - a moving company that has well-trained employees, transportation and all the necessary equipment and tools.



1. Arrange a meeting of the team and announce that office is going to move to a new address, name the date of the moving. Listen to the wishes, suggestions and pieces of advice of the team, because you cannot take into account all the nuances of the move, and the team's pieces of advice can be very valuable. Make a plan for moving with the team and appoint a person in charge.

2. Inform in advance your customers, suppliers and other people (who you are cooperating with) about your move. It is better to send out letters to all.

3. Prepare a diagram of a new office with an indication of the area, the designation of windows, the footage of each wall. Schematically draw, where the furniture and equipment must be. It is important to bring and collect furniture in a correct sequence, not moving the already collected or heavy furniture.

4. Think about the kind of packaging material and it’s quantity. It is better to stock up a large number of boxes of medium size. It gives you the opportunity to fill boxes so that they are not too heavy and the staff could easily lift and carry them, because carrying and lifting weights can be very harmful for your employees.

5. Warn employees that most of the items should be packed until the day of the move. Let each employee write the identification labels on the boxes. If fragile items are in the box it should be written on it. You need to indicate where the top of the box is.

6. Take a poll of employees on the point who has the skills of disassembling / assembling furniture. Assign a person who will take care of all the necessary tools for disassembling / assembling furniture, and after disassembling the furniture, he will lay out all the fasteners in packages and sign from what furniture these fasteners are. This all significantly reduces the time of furniture assembling in the new office.

7. On the day of the move, ask all employees to be on their own cars (in case, your company does not have its own truck.

Office relocation under own stream


1. Some employees take out and load boxes into cars.

2. Some of the employees disassemble, pack, carry and load furniture into cars.

3. The person in charge checks that nothing is forgotten.

4. Transportation to the new address.

5. Lifting and assembling of furniture. Arranging the assembled furniture to its place according to the plan.

6. Lifting and connecting of office equipment.

6. Lifting the boxes with personal things and documents.

This is only an approximate plan for organizing office move.

Well, in the end of the move, please, do not forget to gather the team and thank everyone for the work done! EasyBusy moving company wishes you successful, easy and pleasant moving!

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