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How to Pack and Move Your Bedroom When Moving House

Packing your bedroom is often one of the toughest and time-consuming parts of a moving process. It’s very important to stay organized while packing your bedroom, especially when moving some furniture around, rugs, lamps, framed artwork, and other items. Follow these super-efficient tips when moving the bedroom to streamline the process.

Clean out your closet

Moving is just the right time to go through your stuff — especially your closet — to get rid of everything you have never really used or no longer want or need. Before you start packing, go through your belongings and decide on:

- What you want to keep

- What you want to donate or sell

- What you want to dump

Sorting through your belongings not only lessens your packing and saves you money, but also makes arranging your new place a lot easier. Even though there is always some stuff that is not easy to part with, it's better to get rid of anything that is badly damaged, you have multiples of, no longer fits you, or has dirt and stains on.

Important Tip: Divide your room into a couple of areas and separate your belongings into different groups to avoid a mess.

Gather Packing Supplies

Make an inventory of all your bedroom belongings to determine the type and quantity of the material you will need. Make sure you have at least: 

- small and medium size boxes

- packing tape

- some bubble wrap

- a few trash bags

- a sharpie

- packing paper

- moving pads and plastic wrap (if you decide to pack your furniture by yourself vs hiring professional movers like Got2Move)

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes that you can easily move around in to protect your body and make the process more comfortable.  

Important Tip: To safely pack you nicer and more delicate clothing consider buying a couple special of wardrobe boxes or request them from your movers on the moving date.

Start Packing

After getting all the necessary supplies and materials, you can start packing the bedroom. First, pack the small items, and then work on the larger objects like your bed, nightstands, dresser, and TV.

Make a list of all the stuff in each box and tape it inside so you can see the list of things without going through them. Label boxes with room type, number of the box, contents, and name. 

Important Tip: Save all the essentials, including necessary clothes and toiletries, until the end. Then pack them in a special moving bag to cover you for a couple of days during relocation and setting at the new place. 


- Start with the out-of-season clothes, and then with the formal attires – the clothing you don’t use frequently.

- Make sure not to pack the clothing you're going to wear until the move ends.

- Use a wardrobe box for suits, dresses, and clothes you normally take to the dry cleaners. They allow you to leave clothes on hangers and transfer them safely to your new closet. You can also pack your hanging clothes into garbage bags as an alternative if you move locally or by yourself.

- Use large plastic bags when packing all other clothes for moving, and then place the bags inside of medium size boxes. Don't forget to seal the bag and label the box.  

Packing Your Wardrobe when Moving Bedroom

Picture Frames & Treasured Items

- If you pack jewelry, use a jewelry box. This is the most secure and efficient way to transport rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, brooches, and other jewelry since these boxes are made with sturdy packing materials that protect from the outside as well from the inside. Many of them can be locked securely.

- Also, make sure to let the movers know that your jewelry will be transported in the moving truck. Talk to them about insurance options.

- Try to carry the expensive jewelry with you.

- Picture frames, mirrors, and other glass should have a paper wrap or bubble wrap placed over the glass to prevent scratches and cracks. Place the items vertically inside a box to protect the glass from breaking and mark the box as "Fragile". Stuff the box with extra packing materials so the items don’t shift.

- Place your books or magazines in smaller book boxes to lessen the weight that can be added. Stuff any space in the box Put packing materials into space in the box so that the books don't move. Note, that book boxes that shift or fall can cause serious damage to your belongings.

Packing Picture Frames, Treasured Items, and Jewelry when Moving Bedroom


- To make sure your mattress won't be stained, damaged, or ripped during the move. Use covers or shrink-wrap to pack your mattress and protect it from dirt during transport.

- Take your mattress out of the room then lean it against a wall to make more free space.

- Take the pillows, blankets, and sheets off your bed, fold them up, and put them in a large box. Wash or dry-clean the bedding before packing if you have time.

How To Pack Mattresses when Moving Bedroom


- If possible, disassemble your bed, nightstands, and other furniture. Use proper materials such as shrink-wrap, bubble wrap, blankets, pads, edge protectors for tables, chairs, dressers, and other furniture with an edge or corner that could get damaged.

- To protect your curtains from dirt and other damage, store them in plastic bags and then put them inside boxes.

- Packing your bedroom furniture is a big task that requires time, effort, and the right materials and tools. So in case you are not sure that you can accomplish the job properly, do the wise thing and hire experienced packers and movers.

- Grab the short end of the rug and roll it tightly, use a piece of rope to tie it in three different places. Once the rug’s ends are secured, apply shrink wrap from end to end (instead of wrapping it in circles around the circumference of the rolled rug). Secure the shrink wrap with tape (around the ends of the rolled rug).

Packing Furniture when Moving Bedroom


- When packing your TV, first detach the cords and place them in an individual bag.

- The best thing is to pack the TV into an original box; if it’s not the case then your movers should be able to help you or you can do a soft crate.

- Soft-crating technique. Cover the TV with some bubble wrap around; use a couple of flat brand-new boxes to cover the TV all around; then wrap the TV into a moving blanket and use shrink-wrap to wrap the whole thing around.

How To Pack TV when Moving Bedroom

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