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How To Move In Less Than a Week

The key to move in just a few days and succeed, is being efficient and organized. Make a plan (like the one we are proposing here) and start executing all the points right away.

Contact moving companies

1. As soon as you know that you are moving for sure, start contacting moving companies to get quotes and check on availability. If you chose a self-move or DIY, contact the truck rental company of your choice to make the appropriate arrangements. A good tip is to get the moving truck one or two days in advance, so you can start loading your belongings into the truck and avoid doing the entire move in just one day or even in a last minute. Many truck rental companies allow you to book the trucks through their websites.

 2. Look for reputable auto transporters in case you are not driving your vehicles (or one of them) to your new destination. The company will help you to get your car or motorcycle ready for the relocation trip.

To decide how to transport your furniture

 3. Decide how to transport your pets in case you cannot move your dog, cat or other animals by yourself.  First, start by searching for an IPATA pet shipping expert to help move your beloved animals.

 4. Hire a cleaning service to leave your old house or apartment in the best condition.

 5. Contact your utility companies or go online to request the disconnection of the services. If the company also serves the area where you are moving to, you can just transfer the service; but you have to check on their webpages if they offer this service or contact them directly.

 6. Obtain records from your family physician and veterinarian as well as your children’s school records.

 7. Keep important documents with you, including:

 8. Get just enough groceries to last you a week, so you don't have a lot food in the refrigerator by the day your are moving out.

To pack your belongings in a proper way

 9. In case you are packing your belongings yourself, gather all the supplies you need for the task. It's important that you start the packing process right away.

 10. Ask your relatives and friends to help you pack and make sure you have good food and beverages for them. Put music on and try to make this time as festive and entertaining as you can.

 11. But before you start packing, go through your belongings and determine what you want to keep, what you want to donate and what is no longer in good shape to discard it.

 12. If your home has a garage, start by packing the items you have in there. Garages are one of the most time-consuming areas to pack in a house. After you finished with the garage, the next room to attack is the kitchen.

13. In case you have a dresser filled with clothes, leave them exactly where they are. Just make sure to secure each drawer by wrapping the dresser with plastic wrap (around the area where the drawers are located). That way, the drawers will stay closed during the transportation.

To label each box according to the room

14. Remember to seal all the boxes with tape, label each box according to the room and write down the contents.

15. Pack a bag with items you are going to need the first night in your new home such as: toiletries, a change of clothes, and pajamas.

Note: We know that for different circumstances, people choose a self-move or DIY, but when you have  less than a week to do everything and you have lots of household items, the best option is hiring a moving company. Professional movers will take care of the most complicated part of the operation for you.

In Route 66 Moving we offer competitive prices and we are always ready to provide you a high quality service.

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