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How to Move House On A Rainy Or Snowy Day

The universe is working in your favor (for the upcoming move). Everybody at home collaborates to achieve the objective, and all is functioning as planned... Everything except for one “little” detail: the weather!

According to the forecast, it's going to rain and snow on the week when you are planning to move. But don't panic... Even if the situation is far from ideal, there are great tips to help you accomplish the task and protect your belongings during bad weather.

A. Get Prepared

B. Moving in the rain

In general, cardboard boxes are very durable (even more than they look). The items inside of them will survive without a problem, as long as you seal the boxes with plenty of tape. Pay closer attention to the boxes with books and important documents inside. Try not to use boxes from supermarkets, liquor stores and other retailers, since they might get damaged with the contact of rain or snow.

Industrial plastic covers, mattress pads, and other protective materials are available in the market, but like we said previously, you can use household items such as bed sheets, blankets, tarpaulin, trash bags, and other similar materials to protect your belongings.

How to move on a rainy day

In case you are moving during heavy rain follow these directions:

C. Moving in the snow

Follow all the tips that we've mentioned above, they are equally useful when you are moving in a snowy day. But also, make sure to clear of snow and ice all the paths, sidewalks and steps before moving your items into the truck, and when you unload the vehicle in your new location. This is particularly important to prevent accidents.

Also, check if the roads and streets are clear of snow, and if they are open to traffic before driving to your new place.

Consider the condition of the roads, if you are driving the moving truck or van to your new destination. Drive carefully and reduce your speed.

Stay inside of the house and wait until the storm is over – in case of experiencing a blizzard or heavy rain with thunder.

If you don't want to handle the project by yourself – when the bad weather strikes – we will fight the rain and the snow for you!

Please give us a call and we'll give you the personal assistance you deserve.

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