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How To Move During The Holidays

Planning and organizing, the key to move during the holidays and live to tell about it...

With so much things to do in such a short period, it is imperative that you sit down with a calendar on hand and a notebook, or just a regular planner (this will be even better) and start writing down all the tasks that you have to accomplish to get the job done.

Plan your moving in advance

First, start planning early (at least two months in advance), so you can have enough time to tackle everything. A good tip is to use the monthly overview of your planner to register all the events that normally won't change (unless there's an unexpected situation) such as scheduled holiday parties, school functions, your moving date, the dates that you have to pay your bills, the dates that you and the utility companies selected to disconnect the services in your current home, etc. Then you can proceed to note all the large tasks that you have to do weekly, starting with the selection of the moving company that will take care of the operation.

Planning your moving in advance

Remember that is important to contact the moving companies as early as possible, so they can provide you an estimate and more detailed information to help you compare between services and prices, and also, to know if they will be available the day (s) you've planned to move out.

We highly recommend you to read our article “How To Move In Less Than A Week”, to obtain more helpful tips and get prepared for your moving day.

Don't forget about joy

Now, continuing with our tips about moving during the holidays, our first advice is to maintain the atmosphere of festivity and joy even if you are busy with the preparations for the upcoming move. A good idea is to place simple but meaningful decorations in some areas of your current house or apartment. For example, if you and your children follow the tradition of the “Elf on the Shelf”, you can still placing the little doll in unexpected places around the house (using your creativity to surprise and entertain your kids).

You can also place your advent wreath on a counter (in the kitchen) and light the candle(s) and make a prayer before having dinner, or get a small portable advent calendar and open the little tags everyday. Also, it's not a bad idea to put up your christmas tree, but use only simple decorations such as garlands of tinsel, strings of popcorn, or just lights. That way you can easily disassemble your tree the day before you move.

Involve your family in preparation

Another good tip is to assign different chores to every member of your family, so everyone helps with the moving process. This will be a good time to create memories while working together as a family. You can play some Christmas carols and have some delicious treats available for your little helpers, like hot cocoa and cookies.  

Packing and preparing to move during the holidays

In case you have to move when it's snowing or raining, we'd like to invite you to check out our article “How to Move a House in Bad Weather” – to get prepared and avoid damages to your items during the process.

As you can see, apartment moving during the holidays doesn't have to be traumatic as long as you plan the process in advance and accomplish a group of tasks everyday. With the proper organization and creativity, you and your family will be able to conclude the job on time, while keeping the joy and the festive spirit flowing.

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