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How to Get Ready for College Move-In Day

Moving is always a stressful process. There are too many things to do especially when it comes to the relocation of the children. As a rule, teens are looking forward to the college move-in day. It’s the beginning of a new life and everyone wants it to be perfect. There are several tips for both children and parents which will help you to survive the move-in day.

How to Get Ready for College Move-In Day


Sometimes the way to college can turn into a real adventure. In order to make transportation as convenient as possible, you have to know in advance which kind of transport you need to use. It’s worth renting a truck for shipping. If you are going to travel by plane, you need to study information about the rent and drop-off fees.


There are strict rules at the college. Everything is done according to the definite schedule. It’s impossible to bring a new refrigerator to the doms whenever you want. All the necessary information can be found on the website of the college as well as a list of necessary documents. In order to get into the dom, you have to receive the entrance card. Some colleges are open for visitors only during the definite period of time. If you don’t want to waste your time and money, you have to study all the information beforehand.


It’s impossible to relocate everything at one time. If the student is going to live in a dorm or campus the following items should be packed first and foremost:

It should be noticed that there is a list of items which are forbidden in some colleges. Thus pets, candles, halogen lamps, and toasters are not welcomed in the majority of colleges.

As for the household appliances like fridges, ovens, vacuum cleaners, and others, they are often rented. Before relocating them or buying new ones, it’s better to check the information on the college website.

The clothes usually take the majority of space while moving. Primary, you should take only seasonal and casual apparel. You definitely won’t need your fur coat in September. The rest of the garment will be moved by the teen when they will visit parents on Christmas, for example. If you forget something (and you will forget something) you can buy it in the shops nearby the college.


All the items you want to relocate should be sorted and organized in a proper way. One of the most frequent mistakes is to pack the belongings into the cardboard boxes. However, such containers only take a lot of space. After unpacking, you can not but throw them away. It’s much more effective to use storage bins. They’ll be used by students as a storage system.

To sum it up, you should take into account that moving to college is the beginning of a new life for teens. Parents should assist children to make the process as smooth as possible. However, the very freshmen should lead and control the relocation.,/p>

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