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Elon Musk Will Move Within California A Few Times Before He Moves to Mars!

Once Elon Musk commented that one day, moving to Mars will be something that the average person would be able to afford. Either ‘an average person’ would be perceived very differently from 2020 view or ‘that one day’ will come in 137 years.

Elon Musk Will Move Within California A Few Times Before He Moves to Mars!

The cost, he estimates, will be under $500,000 (inflation…) for sure, and possibly even under $100,000 depending on how many people are ready to pack up and fly away to the red planet in search of adventure.

As experts from Got2Move state: “While moving to Mars certainly seems like a lot of fun, it is still out of reach for the time being.” That being said, it is WAY less than $100,000 to stay here on Earth and relocate to a new home! Here at Got2Move, we specialize in helping people from all walks of life relocate to their dream home within California.

Whether that is within the San Francisco Bay Area, or moving from San Diego to Sacramento (though for now, we still don’t offer service to Mars), we will be there for you every step of the way.

Hey Elon! If You Want to Relocate in California, the First Truck is On Us!

Hey Mr. Musk! While we understand (and if we’re honest, even share) your dream of moving to Mars, we are all stuck on Earth for the time being. If you want to move some things between your Bay Area and Los Angeles Homes, however, we would be happy to lend a hand! In fact, if you read this article and let us know, we’ll even move your first truck filled with your things free of charge as long as you sign a bill of lading in person and tell our guys your 420 jokes.

Top 10 Reasons Moving in California is Better than Moving to Mars

Elon Musk is no doubt one of the foremost experts on all things related to space travel, Mars, and the possibility of moving there someday. His vision and passion inspire people worldwide. He is a true entrepreneur and a good person who works long hours and dream even longer.

We here at Got2Move, however, are leaders when it comes to relocating right here on Earth, in California to be 100% accurate.

Using our years of moving experience, we have come up with the top 10 reasons it is better to relocate right here within the Golden State than it is to try to move to Mars! (If Elon Musk would like to debate any of these points, we’d be happy to hear from him!)

We’ll Keep Your Bill Way Under $100,000 – Sure, $100,000 is very affordable for moving to Mars, but it is still a hefty sum of money! Got2Move works hard to provide our customers with the most affordable moving services in California, without ever sacrificing quality.

No Weight Limits Here on Earth – The price tag quoted by Elon Musk is for up to 1 ton of weight, including the person. This means you’re going to have to leave a lot of your belongings behind! We don’t have any weight or volume limits when moving to your new home! It’s just a matter of how many trucks we will need to arrange for your local or long distance move in the San Francisco Bay Area, or Los Angeles.

Movers Dedicated to You – When you hire us to handle your move, you’ll have professional movers dedicated to ensuring your relocation is handled right. If you buy a ticket to Mars, you’ll just be one of a large group of people traveling in the starship. While it may be exciting, you’ll miss that personal touch that is only available when you have a team of dedicated movers.

We’ve Never Had a Moving Truck Explode in the Air – Our drivers have an exceptional record of safely getting our trucks with your belongings to your new home. While SpaceX has revolutionized launches with their work, they still have quite a few massive explosions! Got2Move will 100% guarantee that your belongings won’t explode high above the ocean if you hire us to handle your move!

Proven Los Angeles to and from San Francisco Movers – Elon Musk and the brilliant team at Space X have accomplished some incredible things. The fact is, however, that bringing people to Mars is still unproven and very dangerous. Got2Move helps hundreds of people move here in California each year, so you can be confident that everything will go smoothly.

Your Tesla Won’t End Up Millions of Miles Away – Last time Elon Musk wanted to move his personal Tesla through space, it went on top of a rocket that is flying millions of miles away. We can arrange your Tesla transportation (or any other vehicle) and get it to your new home safe and sound.

Keeping Your Move Private – Every major launch from SpaceX is on the news. This will be compounded when the ships have average citizens moving to Mars! Got2Move helps hundreds of people move each year, so you aren’t likely to be front-page news!

Faster Communication – If you move to Mars and want to call moving company with a concern, there is a lag time of 20 minutes or more depending on the position of the planets. Here on Earth, you can give us a call and speak with an experienced mover almost instantly!

Guaranteed Option to Move Back – Elon Musk says that people may be able to move back from Mars, but there is no guarantee. In fact, it is likely that most of the first groups of people to move there will die on the red planet! Here at Got2Move, we won’t leave you stranded! If you don’t like your new home, we’ll be happy to work with you to move back!

A Much Faster Move – When moving to Mars, you and your belongings will be on a rocket traveling at over 62,000 miles per hour! Despite this, it will take between 3 and 6 months to arrive on Mars! While our trucks rarely break 70MPH, we can still complete your move far more quickly!

So Elon, How Do You Compare?

As you can see, our moving services here in California have a lot of advantages over waiting for SpaceX to get everything together and start bringing people to Mars. If you are in need of professional moving services for relocating from San Francisco to Los Angeles, or to Bel Air to be specific, California, or to somewhere else in California, make sure you get in touch with us first. Unless, of course, Elon Musk and the team at SpaceX think they can offer a superior moving service…

P.S. Elon, we are truly looking forward to replacing our diesel fleet with Tesla trucks. Free trolling idea: name it Tesla D. Any ideas why? 

P.S.S. Congrats on successful Crew Dragon launch. You got2move further, Elon. We believe in you!

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