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8 Easy Tips for Packing Fragile Items for Moving

Many of us have heard stories of people who lost their valuable and fragile items just for not taking the time to pack them correctly and using the wrong packing materials.

We’ve prepared a list of 8 packing tips on how to pack fragile items for moving.

Prepare All the Materials

Gather the right tools and packing materials for fragile items, including these supplies:

We do not recommend using old towels, sheets, or small linens for packing breakable items; they are not reliable or strong to protect breakables.

Packing materials for fragile items

Use the Right Type of Box

The best practice to maximize the protection of your fragile items is using the right type of medium boxes. They are double corrugated and specially designed for fragile objects. Some of them come with an optional partition kit, which includes partitions and layer pads.

Place the Heaviest Objects at the Bottom

Remember to place the heaviest fragile objects at the bottom of the box, with lighter breakable items on top. Also, make sure there's no extra space inside the box, use packing paper, and bubble wrap. This is particularly important to ensure that items don't move around in the box and break.

Label the Boxes!

Sign the boxes, for example, ‘Fragile’ and ‘Up’ with an arrow on every side. Write all the details on the top of the box with fragile items, e.g. musical instruments for the living room. It will help movers to place these boxes in the correct room in your new house when moving fragile items.

Label the boxes with fragile items

Paintings, Mirrors & Wall Art

Important Tip: In case you need two boxes to pack the paintings or mirrors, put a second box on top of the other by telescoping them together.

How to pack paintings and mirrors

Dishes, Plates & Cups

How to pack dishes for moving

Flat Screen TV

Important Tip: Even if you use a special TV box, a good packing tip for extra protection of delicate items is to wrap the whole box with a moving blanket or a furniture pad, or just with a heavy cover.

How to pack TV for moving


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