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10 Commonly Lost Things when Moving

No matter, how carefully you’ve packed your belongings, there is always a couple of things you’ve lost. The relocation is a real fuss. You have no time, no wish, and no possibility to check all the boxes three times. However, nobody enjoys losing household items. The following list includes 10 most commonly lost things while moving.

1. Keys

It seems that the house or car keys are always in your hands. However, when the time comes to use them, they disappear. It’s highly recommended to have several sets of keys in order to avoid troubles with getting into the house or car.

2. Charges and plugins

The cords are everywhere. You have to charge your phone, tablet, or camera. You try to pack them in the last turn. As a rule, you lost them.

3. Wallet

4. Umbrella

The rainy days make the moving process more stressful and nerve-racking. You and moving crew have to use raincoats or umbrellas. While loading the boxes, you can just leave the umbrella behind the door and go away without it.

5. Shoes

After the relocation, people often discover that they can’t find their favorite trainers or slippers.

6. Basic toiletries

The greatest disappointment comes when you can’t brush your teeth or wash your face after really exhausting moving day. Being placed in an essential bag, the basic toiletries often disappear.

7. Kitchen glassware

As a rule, fragile kitchen glassware is to be wrapped and packed in the last turn. Because of lack of time, you often forget to do it. As a result, you have to buy a new set of glassware.

8. Mail

You forget to check the mailbox during the ordinary days. Of course, you don’t do it when moving. Sometimes you may miss some important information in such a way.

9. Medicines

Unless you have a terrible headache, you wouldn’t definitely take care of the first aid kit. You can leave it in the bathroom or lose when bringing to a van.

10. Pets

It’s strange, isn’t it? However, it’s true. People often lose their pets. The reason is that they don’t prepare fluffy balls for moving. They can leave them in the empty room. All animals are very active and tend to escape. If you don’t want to look for a new pet, it’s better to ask somebody to watch your companion.

10 lost things when we move

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