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Movers and packers Sacramento

Sacramento Movers and Packers

Sacramento may be the capital of California but it certainly doesn’t have the same overcrowded vibe that many other state capitals tend to have. This is why it is often considered one of the best cities to live at in California. Its beautiful natural surroundings paired with its quirky and comforting downtown feel makes it a great connection to both the nature and society that makes California so unique to begin with.

With this said, it’s clear why more and more people are moving to Sacramento each and every day. For those looking to do the same, finding the right packing service in Sacramento is highly important. Fortunately, with the help of Got2Move, this stress can be eliminated altogether and the moving and packing can finally begin.

To learn more about what makes Got2Move so unique and top-rated in California, take a look at its many perks and best business practices below.

We Know All About Packing Services in Sacramento

As a dedicated team of California natives, we know every city we work within like the backs of our hands. With this knowledge comes the ability to help our clients even further when moving. Not only can we move, pack, and store your possessions but we can also recommend certain places or routes in your new city that will help you settle in better than you might imagine.  

This is one of the reasons our team of Sacramento movers and packers truly stands apart from the rest. With all of our employees having real experience in these cities and full-time employment at Got2Move, they are each dedicated to making every move as simple and streamlined as possible. They also aren’t afraid to help you acclimate into your new city and know how to move and pack alongside you to ease your stress and introduce you to Sacramento from a native’s perspective.  

Packing service in Sacramento


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Sacramento movers and packers

Our Experience and Care is Unparalleled

Because our team is made up of full-time employees that are also California natives, this means it’s not just another job to them. Our team is made up of entirely dedicated and hardworking individuals and the results of this hard work are evident in the way our clients speak of us online alone.

To see how well-loved Got2Move moving and packing company in Sacramento is, simply check out our Yelp page where we have over 250 reviews that all come together to form a highly impressive 4.5 rating.


It’s simple math. First, our movers and packers in Sacramento determine the cost per unit of stuff. Then we use a standard formula to get exact prices for you.

How much stuff you have

How far you're going

Additional services

Guaranteed price


  • Free in-home consultation with up to three movers.
  • Box delivery prior to your move.
  • Special handling by a carpenter to disassemble and reassemble such items as custom furniture, flat screen TVs, cribs and more.
  • Custom-made crates made by a professional carpenter to transport valuables such as antiques, fine art and chandeliers.
  • Packing and unpacking services in Sacramento.
  • House packing services in Sacramento

Our Team is Fully Licensed and Insured

Paired with their tremendous experience and care, our team is fully licensed and insured. This means that you can rest assured that all of your possessions are safe in our care. While other moving and packing companies in Sacramento rely on contractors that aren’t experienced or insured at all, we at Got2Move trust our employees and their judgment enough to license and insure them from their first job forward.

In this way, we hold our team accountable and this leads to far less accidents and damaged property because of it. During the training process, we also do extensive background checking and make sure that our team is fully prepared and aware of moving best practices before beginning to work with us in the field. All of this may be money out of our pockets but, if it means our customers stay satisfied and peaceful, it’s worth every penny to us and our incredible online reputation.

We Offer Storage Solutions for any Occasion

Although Sacramento may not be as close to San Leandro as you may like, our storage facility in San Leandro actually offers a perfect in-between solution for those living between upstate California and southern California at once. The entrepreneurs, traveling business leaders, and trades workers that deal with this problem most can now have a middle ground for items less important during their day-to-day lives.

Similarly, even if you don’t want to store anything at our facility specifically, there will always be a storage solution for you. As dedicated members of not only the Got2Move team but our community as well, we are not afraid to recommend other storage facilities in lieu of our own simply to benefit our clients even further. This is the Got2Move way and why every one of our customers always moves in with a smile as wide as our truck beds!


How far in advance should I book packing services in Sacramento?

Our advice is to book packing in Sacramento 3 weeks in advance, so that our professionals can provide you with a quote and arrange stress-free packing and moving services.

Can you pack my kitchen ware, glasses and dished in Sacramento?

Yes. Got2Move offers full packing services in Sacramento thus we will be more than happy to pack your full kitchen: from spoons and forks to china, glasses and even appliances.

How much do you tip movers and packers in Sacramento?

Tipping is voluntarily and our movers and packers work hard to deserve them. If you decide to tip you may leave the tips on a card and we pass to our guys. The best way to tip is to give a check or cash to each mover individually. Normally people tip 5-15% per crew from the total cost of the move.

Do you provide coverage for my items when packing in Sacramento?

Got2Move provide three types of coverage for all moving services in Sacramento including Basic Coverage (required by law, free of charge), Actual Cash Value Protection and Full Value Protection. The last two cost extra and the price depends on the current regulations in California.

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Auguste L.
Auguste L.
Andrew and Cloud were both professional/friendly and super supportive with my most recent move. I will definitely use this service again in the future. I highly recommend Got2Move for your moving/relocation needs. My belongings were transitioned...
87_review Aug 8
Gabrielle McCardell
Gabrielle McCardell
I had a great experience with my movers, Russel and Sam. They were very friendly and efficient. Communication through emails/phone to book and when/where they were arriving was excellent! Everything arrived safely and quickly.
86_review Jul 31
Noah G.
Noah G.
I chose got2move as the hourly rate they quoted me was quite good. I live in the 3rd floor of an apt with no elevator. The team that helped me was Dima and Otabeck. They were very helpful moving all my heavy furniture and finishing packing some...
88_review Jul 25
Aleks Vorobev
Aleks Vorobev
Thank you guys for your help! When I decided to hire a moving company for my move, I discovered Got2move services. They were kind and graceful. They moved my furniture so easily and deliberately. In addition, the cost was so affordable for me; I...
85_review Jul 23
Leonard Ghazarian
Leonard Ghazarian
We recently closed escrow (May) and needed to move from our 2 bedroom appt to our new to us house after it was remodeled. Searched and came down to 2 providers, talked to both on the phone - and felt the most comfortable with Got2Move - it also...
90_review Jul 15
Mari Faccio
Mari Faccio
Great company for moving, very quick service, they have also great price compared with the another company. Very professional and they take care everything all my stuff attentive. Great job!
83_review Jul 15

Let’s get Packing Services in Sacramento!

We’ve outlined exactly why we at Got2Move are top-rated and highly sought after by clients looking for movers and packers in Sacramento above. Now, all that’s left is for you to use this information to your benefit and contact our team today! Together, we’ll organize your entire move and streamline every process with ease!

On Yelp, we also have reviews that show the special care our team takes in every job likes this one below by Andrew M. from San Francisco:

“We used Got2Move for our move in San Francisco. We really needed help with moving our heavy furniture. Aziz and Marvin came and helped and were great! Unfortunately, we don't have an elevator in our new apartment but they were extremely helpful in getting those heavy furniture pieces upstairs onto the second and third floors.

Everything was blanketed and wrapped so no damage was done. Not only did they get everything blanketed and wrapped, they helped with disassembly and reassembly. They put our furniture in the spaces we had asked them to as well. It was professional, easy and much needed help. Thank you Aziz and Marvin!

It’s these kinds of moments that show our attention to detail, experience, and passion in what we do for our many past, present, and future clients to see.


Over 2000+ Happy customers can’t be wrong! Become our customer today and start exploring our extensive portfolio. You’ll find something for your needs for sure!