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Orange County to San Francisco Professional Movers

Moving anywhere in California can be a serious pain if it isn’t handled correctly. A simple move across the street can even turn into a nightmare without the right movers and packers to help. That’s why, when it comes to a far bigger move like Orange County to the San Francisco Bay Area, we strongly recommend working with a team that knows their stuff.

To see why we and our thousands of happy past clients feel we fit the bill, check out what sets us apart and makes our services so simplified below.

Our Team is Dedicated and Top-Notch

From our highly experienced front desk staff all the way to our storage facility employees and movers and packers, our entire team at Got2Move is dedicated to each job they work and every client they assist. Their passion for moving and packing as well as their desire to help every client far beyond just transporting and carrying boxes is what sets us apart from the countless other moving and storage companies in Orange County.

Furthermore, our team is made up of fully licensed and insured movers that work full-time making them consider every move they make. Unlike with other companies that only hire uninsured contractors, our team is just as invested in our success as we are since they can lose their license if they don’t take their jobs seriously and affect our customer satisfaction rates.


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Our Pricing is Affordable and Transparent

When we begin the process of working with a new client, we explain our pricing upfront and always shoot a bit high to ensure there is padding between the actual cost and the estimate given. Throughout the entire process, we aim to be as transparent as possible and gladly share our services breakdown with anyone interested.

To pair, we also don’t charge anything until the work is complete. We do this out of confidence in our team and respect for our clients. We want to always ensure it’s a job well done before receiving payment for anything.

Lastly, we offer a wide array of payment options because we recognize not everyone has a credit card or cash available to them. To continue to accommodate our amazing customers, we offer payment options including cash, check, credit card, and even some cryptocurrencies. We can also provide proof of payment any time and W-9 forms upon request. This is how our payment process reflects the simplicity of everything else we do as well and why our clients just keep coming back.


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We’re Californians Just Like You

For Orange County to San Francisco moves, you can definitely rely on your families to help you pack or companies that offer outrageously low prices. But, you must remember that these are your prized possessions and how seriously you take moving and packing them could affect their lifespan significantly.

Fortunately, with our team of dedicated and passionate employees, we truly care for your belongings and show this in every move we make as a company. In fact, we choose to hire California locals and natives after extensive background checks because we want our clients to not just get help with their boxes but with their entire move. This includes last-minute packing jobs, stressful directions, and even simply settling into a new city.

By hiring natives to Orange County and the Bay Area, we provide our clients with the perfect recommendations and routes to streamline not just their move but acclimating to said move as well. This is how we show we care and how we continue to gain and keep our clients year after year.

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Auguste L.
Auguste L.
Andrew and Cloud were both professional/friendly and super supportive with my most recent move. I will definitely use this service again in the future. I highly recommend Got2Move for your moving/relocation needs. My belongings were transitioned...
87_review Aug 8
Gabrielle McCardell
Gabrielle McCardell
I had a great experience with my movers, Russel and Sam. They were very friendly and efficient. Communication through emails/phone to book and when/where they were arriving was excellent! Everything arrived safely and quickly.
86_review Jul 31
Noah G.
Noah G.
I chose got2move as the hourly rate they quoted me was quite good. I live in the 3rd floor of an apt with no elevator. The team that helped me was Dima and Otabeck. They were very helpful moving all my heavy furniture and finishing packing some...
88_review Jul 25
Aleks Vorobev
Aleks Vorobev
Thank you guys for your help! When I decided to hire a moving company for my move, I discovered Got2move services. They were kind and graceful. They moved my furniture so easily and deliberately. In addition, the cost was so affordable for me; I...
85_review Jul 23
Leonard Ghazarian
Leonard Ghazarian
We recently closed escrow (May) and needed to move from our 2 bedroom appt to our new to us house after it was remodeled. Searched and came down to 2 providers, talked to both on the phone - and felt the most comfortable with Got2Move - it also...
90_review Jul 15
Mari Faccio
Mari Faccio
Great company for moving, very quick service, they have also great price compared with the another company. Very professional and they take care everything all my stuff attentive. Great job!
83_review Jul 15

We Have a Customer Satisfaction Rate That’s Unparalleled

It’s no secret that great teams and best practices combined almost always lead to satisfied customers. As such, it’s also no surprise that Got2Move has a 4.5 rating on Yelp with 260 reviews from past clients. Every review shares different parts of what makes our team so unique and high-quality which only increases our trust in California and our client base over time.

To see one of these useful and glowing reviews, check out the one below by Julia T. from San Francisco found on our Yelp page:

“Got2Move are the best! This 3 man team of Leroy, Alex and Dima arrived on time on Monday even though there was very heavy traffic in the morning in the city. So my move was from Orange County to Bay Area and there were 2 flights of stairs. The movers didn't complain unlike the previous ones I had. Got2Move was strongly recommended by 2 of my co-workers and I decided to give them a try.

Loading was very organized. They all started to carry boxes and even helped me to finish packing some pots and pans I forgot about in the oven. 2 of them were packing furniture using moving pads and plastic wrap. Meanwhile the other one was carrying smaller stuff down the stairs and started to play moving Tetris inside of the truck. Loading took 4 hours and the 20ft truck was full. In spite of the fact that the movers had to drive through steep hills of SF, everything made it to the destination safely. The guys managed to move everything out of the truck within 2 hours and even helped me to arrange the furniture inside of my living room and bedroom. They were polite and attentive throughout the whole move. I was very pleased with the professionalism of this moving company. I also would like to mention a person who was assisting me over the phone before I made my reservation. Alex was extremely friendly, covered all my questions and gave me a rough idea about the cost. I would definitely recommend Got2Move services and will use them again.”

This only proves even further how dedicated we are to what we do and the incredible results that come along with this dedication for our countless clients year after year.

Meet With Us Today!

Got2Move isn’t just a moving and storage company in the major SoCal and NorCal cities—It’s a community. This is why our past clients always come back and our team has been close-knit for decades. We trust one another and respect our customers which is why every move goes smoothly. If you want to see the results of working with professionals for your next move, contact us now and let’s start packing together!

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