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We’re more locally focused than the big national brands, but we’re also more professional and advanced in our moving techniques than small teams of movers, which is why we’re perfect for anyone needing to move in or out of the Half Moon Bay area.

In fact, we’re also a great choice for anyone moving to or from Pacifica, as we’ve done plenty of moves for our Pacifica customers in the past as well. If you need to make a longer distance move to a location down south, we’re also highly proficient in moving to Southern California. We know all of the routes and best practices for moving to Southern California, so this is an area where we truly excel.

Whether you need assistance with moving to Los Angeles, moving to San Diego, or moving to any of the many related suburbs, we’ve performed many successful trips moving to Los Angeles and moving to San Diego.


One of our big advantages over other teams of movers is that the quality of our staff is truly outstanding, and is shaped by our strict policies when it comes to staffing.

We only accept full-time, fully dedicated moving professionals onto our team, and they almost always have significant experience in the moving industry before they even join our team. Regardless of what their prior experience is like, we also provide fully comprehensive training for all of our team members, both when the onboard at our company and on a recurring basis to ensure everyone keeps their skills sharp.

If you’ve ever worked with a team of part-timers who seem like they’re kind of winging it or making it up as they go along, you likely realize that our level of quality control can make a huge difference in your moving experience. Our team members show up knowing exactly what to do and ready to go, so they don’t mess around or waste time trying to figure anything out.



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Unexpected changes in your schedule? Need to move out before you can move in? No problem, our moving and storage services are perfect for covering your needs. Our moving and storage services are a huge help for many of our customers, as we’re able to keep your possessions securely protected at our modern, safe facilities in the Bay Area.


It’s simple math. First, each moving company determines their cost per unit of stuff. Then we use a standard formula to get exact prices for you.

How much stuff you have

How far you're going

Additional services

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Additional Services

  • Free in-home consultation with up to three movers.
  • Box delivery prior to your move.
  • Special handling by a carpenter to disassemble and reassemble such items as custom furniture, flat screen TVs, cribs and more.
  • Custom-made crates made by a professional carpenter to transport valuables such as antiques, fine art and chandeliers.
  • Packing and unpacking services.

Our Professional Qualifications Distinguish Us From Others

Another aspect of our team that gives us a leg up as a professional moving company is our professional credentials. We believe that every serious team of movers should be fully licensed and insured as a professional moving company, to prove to customers that they take the profession of moving seriously. Unfortunately, there are a lot of teams of generic laborers out there who are part-timers and not really focused on moving, and who may never bother to even get a basic business license let alone insurance.

Sadly, this takes away a lot of protection for their customers who need help with moving, because there is no formal option for recourse if their belongings are lost, stolen, damaged, or anything else goes wrong with their move.

Instead of risking your move to a team that doesn’t have professional credentials in place, we think it’s much safer to stick to only moving teams that have at least both a license and insurance, like our team at Got2Move. It’s easy to overlook, but important to remember.

As part of our strive for excellence as a professional moving company, we’ve implemented some of the highest standards around when it comes to staffing, and our customers tell us that they can tell the difference. We start by putting all of our candidates through both formal background checks and extensive interviews. During this process, we identify only the highest quality individuals available who we think are of high character.

We also look for friendliness, dedication to helping customers, and both skills and knowledge in the moving industry specifically. We only hire full-time moving professionals who are experienced and trained in moving as a profession, and our customers tell us that this policy results in a staff that is far superior to most of our competition.

We never hire inexperienced, part-time workers who are not on board with providing the best possible service to our customers – people like that simply do not meet our high expectations and we’d rather turn away business than damage our reputation.

What our customers say

Ashley Perryman
Ashley Perryman
Got2Move is an amazing moving company, that I hired to help my eldery mother. They were beyond kind, and accommodating. Their prices are affordable, the customer service was great. They packet her belongings neatly, in their truck. Took it too next...
13_review Apr 14
Mila Edison
Mila Edison
A great long distance moving company! We are retired military and have made plenty of moves in our 22 years of service. Got2Move was professional, thorough, and courteous! From the moment of my first phone call they bent over backwards to provide...
15_review Apr 15
Excellent work! Last week I was so panic on the moving amidst the pandemic. Got2Move offers high quality service, cautiously handles our properties and assets with great care. The very details they pay attention such as wrap up of furnitures are...
3_review Mar 19
My lease had 4 days left on it when my moving company decided to stop returning my calls. I was in a very unfortunate spot. If I didn’t get out in the four days I would have to renew my lease for an entire year even though I was moving a few hours...
8_review Mar 17
We recently moved from Los Angeles to San Francisco, and were looking around for a good mover. A friend of ours recommended Got2Move so we decided to give them a try, and were so happy that we did! They took great care of our belongings, and made...
10_review Nov 27
Great Job guys. Moving completed on time and with the necessary precautions not to damage any of my furniture. These guys are really professional and know what they are doing. Honestly wouldn’t take my business elsewhere. Thanks again guys see you...
4_review Nov 17

We’re One of the Highest Rated Moving Teams Around

At Got2Move, we put a big emphasis on making sure our moving customers are taken care of and happily satisfied with our moving services, and we foster this expectation among each and every one of our team members. We regularly review our Yelp page and other customer review websites, and also solicit feedback directly from our customers. If you have a suggestion or anything that you think can be improved, we’re always happy to hear it and use your feedback to help us refine our processes and performance. As a result of our hard work to keep our customers satisfied, we have one of the strongest overall ratings and pool of customer reviews out of any local moving company, and we’ve also got an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau – the highest possible for any business, let alone a local moving company. We think that when it comes to choosing a team of movers to work with, you should expect that team of movers to meet your needs as a customer and ensure you’re taken care of. Therefore, we think you should choose a time with only a truly exceptional reputation, like our team at Got2Move.

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