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professional moving team

When planning a local move into, out of, or around the Bay Area, it’s important that you find the best team of San Francisco Bay Area movers possible for the job.

As one of the most respected teams of San Francisco Bay Area movers, our team at Got2Move is chosen time and time again by local residents who want professionalism, reliability, affordability, and an overall smooth local moving experience.

Our team is the perfect choice for local moves within San Francisco, to or from San Francisco, and even throughout the surrounding areas like Daly City and South San Francisco. If you’re looking for a professional local moving company, here are just some of the main reasons why you should choose our team at Got2Move as your next professional moving company choice.

Clear, simple pricing for moving homes and offices

Our quality home moving services all start with our transparent pricing practices which are designed to meet the regulations of the Bureau of Household Goods and Services (BHGS) when it comes to protecting our customers throughout the home moving experience.

We’re always happy to provide an accurate estimate upfront based on your specific moving criteria and we’re also happy to provide free onsite estimates, if needed.

Our customers are often pleasantly surprised by how thorough and effective our estimate process is as it results in such clear and reliable estimates when payment is collected at the end of the move.
We don’t believe in upfront payment and we also don’t believe in hidden fees or surprise charges either.
Instead, we want you to plan your move, work with us, and know that the quote we give you is one you can trust.

Payment policies

When it comes to payments, you should never expect to pay for your move upfront. That’s why our team will only charge you for the move after it has been completed to your satisfaction. We’re also happy to provide proof of payment and a W-9, if needed.

As one of the most forward-thinking moving companies around, we accept a wide range of payments including cash, check, credit and debit cards, and even some forms of cryptocurrency. These forms include:
  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Ripple (XRP)
We’ve carefully designed our payment policy to help our customers because we see this as yet another way we can provide a superior service in comparison to other moving companies. We don’t ever want you to feel like our services our inconvenient which is why we make sure the entire process from start to finish is nothing short of a walk in the park.

Our outstanding reputation

Another differentiator between our team and the many generic movers and packers out there is our outstanding reputation as one of the top movers and packers in the area.
We’re proud to boast a Yelp rating of 5 out of 5 stars at the time of this writing, with more than 200 reviews to back our reputation up. Although it is never easy to keep an immaculate rating such as this, we do so by only hiring the best of the best and sticking by our promises and services time and time again. We believe that consistency is the key to excellence and we truly hope you agree!

In addition, we believe that it’s important to cover all bases, so we’ve also worked hard to earn an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) as well. The BBB uses their own criteria to evaluate the reliability and quality level of service for the companies that they assess, so you can rest assured that our services are of high quality if you’re someone who isn’t a fan of online reviews.

With so much at stake in your move, we believe you shouldn’t entrust your move with anyone with a lower reputation on Yelp or a lower rating with the BBB. Think about all of your valuables and precious cargo for a moment – there’s simply no need to put them in the hands of a less reliable mover when there are easy-to-use tools such as Yelp available to help show you why our team at Got2Move is a solid choice from start to finish.

Quality of staff

We didn’t earn our Yelp and BBB scores accidentally – we believe it all comes back to the outstanding service that we provide for customers like you. At the core of that service is a friendly team of professional movers who are passionate about their work and motivated to help you meet all of your moving needs.

Our customers often tell us that they are pleasantly surprised by how friendly and easy to work with our team is.This is a top reason why many customers refer us to their friends and family members. Not only are our services easy and affordable but they also help to form bonds between our staff and our clients that last a lifetime. 

During our hiring process, we make sure to only staff our team with dedicated, motivated, and honest professional movers. We start with attitude and dedication and, if there are any gaps in these individuals’ skill sets, we quickly train them regarding the best moving practices as well. Our team members are not freelancers or novices – they’re truly passionate movers that see moving as a professional craft and want to do their very best when serving you and your family alike.

Fully licensed and insured

For further assurances, our team at Got2Move is also fully licensed and insured for your protection. You can even check out our license and insurance information at with our moving company MTR number 191707.

Why? Because, we believe that it’s important for us to maintain a license and insurance to help give our customers peace of mind knowing that their belongings are covered in case anything goes wrong and that they also have a transparent method of recourse if they ever have any concerns.

There are a lot of moving companies out there who are just winging it and don’t care about having a license or insurance at all. We strongly recommend staying away from them. The reason for this is because, if anything goes wrong, there’s no insurance to help guarantee a basic level of protection for your possessions. This could lead to you losing your most beloved items in the blink of an eye with no way to replace them or compensation in return whatsoever. Read more about moving insurance and moving coverage options here.

MOVING and STORAGE in one service package

We’re not just movers – we’re also happy to provide a wide range of other services to help support your move.

For example, for anyone looking for both moving and storage services, our team can solve all of your moving and storage needs in one place with our secure storage location. If you need storage during your move, we’re proud to offer space in our beautiful, recently remodeled warehouse facility at 1611 Abram Ct in San Leandro, California.

Since we’re one of the most fully transparent moving companies around, we also welcome you to visit the facility anytime to check it out and meet our friendly staff. We’re always happy to hear from you and see you, so don’t be shy!


Got2Move provides long-distance moving services within California. We offer flat rates for such moves. Our most common routes are: San Francisco to Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County, Sacramento and from Southern California to the San Francisco Bay Area. We move 7 days a week! We can do it as quick as overnight! Give us a call today!