Company Policy

Prices are subject to PUC MAX 4 tariff. Quotes for local moves provided without an on-site estimate are not flat rates or “do not exceed” amounts. Quotes are provided based on the information Got2Move (the company) receives from a shipper as well as the company’s experience. Got2Move offers free on-site estimates for any kind of moves depending on its availability. ‘Not To Exceed’ prices or ‘Flat Rates’ provided for any move may increase if Got2Move is asked to move more items than specified in time of making a reservation and/or if additional services are requested not mentioned in the time of making the reservation. ‘Full packing’ quotes do not include unpacking i.e. unboxing stuff unless specified in the moving agreement. Hauling services are provided at extra charge. For local moves driving time between pick-up and delivery locations, if more than 5 miles, is doubled according to the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) regulations and is called “double-drive time.” Got2Move shall not be liable for any weather conditions, traffic or any technical difficulties. If upon arrival to the delivery location there is no access for the truck, and a smaller truck is needed as a shuttle, an additional charge of $450 will be added to the bill as well as extra labor time will be billed hourly. In such case, delivery may be delayed in order to arrange shuttle service.

Even though we will do our best to protect all of your belongings, there is always a small chance of something being damaged during the move due to the nature of the moving process in general. As a responsible and reputable moving company serving our local SF Bay Area community for over 12 years, we honestly describe here your options to get additional moving coverage. Please read and let us know if you have any questions. In California, by law, each licensed moving company provides only BASIC COVERAGE at no additional cost for you.

This option offers only minimal protection at no additional cost. Claims for losses or damages are based on the item’s weight multiplied by $0.60 per pound. Unless you request Full Value Protection or get an insurance coverage from a third party all of your shipment will be valued at $20,000. In case of a dresser (100 pounds) gets damaged, moving companies would pay 100 lbs x $0.60 per lb = $60 towards the cost of repairs.

Note that moving companies can’t sell insurance policies in the US. Instead, they provide Moving Valuation Protection which limits their liability for damaged and lost items.

  • So, your options to get additional coverage for your goods while being moved are
    • Get Full Value Protection coverage through Got2Move (please read below.)
    • Get a moving insurance coverage from “your” company – they one you may have your vehicle covered.
    • Get a moving insurance coverage from an insurance company specializing ‘moving insurance policies
    • Check if your renter’s insurance covers any losses during the relocation process.
    • Check if your home owner’s insurance covers any losses during the relocation process.

If you choose a third party to get insurance coverage for your goods, Got2Move must be notified at least 72 hours prior to the move. This time is needed to make sure that we will have time to get to know the insurance company’s requirements.

    With this valuation option, if any article is lost, destroyed or damaged while in our hands, we at own discretion, offer to do one of the following for each item:

    • Repair the item
    • Replace with a similar item
    • Make a cash settlement for the cost of the repair or the current market replacement value

Under this option, we are permitted to limit our liability for loss or damage to articles of extraordinary value unless you specifically list these articles on the shipping documents. An article of extraordinary value is any item whose value exceeds $100 per pound (such as jewelry, silverware, china, furs, antiques). Declared value has to be realistic and supported by the inventory list (we will do inventory list while packing and loading your stuff) and other documentation (original invoice, receipt or current price value for the damaged item) For example, if the whole shipment is worth $40K but a shipper declares only $20K our insurance company may not fully satisfy a claim.

The FVP price options are

$1.70 per each $100 of declared value with no deductible

$0.45 per each $100 of declared value with $250 deductible

$0.25 per each $100 of declared value with $500 deductible 

Minimum declared value has to be $10,000.
Maximum declared value is $50,000 per each truckload.

Packing has to be done by Got2Move employees and company materials, in order to get coverage. 

Got2Move shall not be liable for any loss or damage, unless the claim is made in writing by mail supported by proof of ownership, together with substation of value, and weight. As a condition precedent, all outstanding monies due to the mover must be paid in full before a claim can be submitted to the company. Any claims must be made within 9 months after the date the goods are delivered or demand thereof refused and must be limited to the destination descriptions of damage indicated on the inventory logs at the time of delivery. It is solely the shipper’s responsibility to inspect and indicate damaged or missing items at the time of delivery. Valuation of claim will be based on those indications subject to the limitations of liability as described on the Bill of Lading. Liability for the moving company will be in accordance with the liability option the shipper contracts for.

Simulated wood furniture includes particle board furniture, pressed wood furniture etc. IKEA furniture is the most popular example of this kind of furniture. According to manufacturer specifications, simulated wood furniture is not designed to be moved as assembled furniture. Got2Move will not be liable for any damages associated with moving or the process of dis- and reassembling of such furniture.

While moving furniture and other large items, it is always possible, though not common, for floors or walls to sustain damage. Got2Move is limited to liability up to 10% from the final bill per residence where such damage has occurred. The company cannot be held responsible if floors or carpets are soiled during the move. Additional floor protection may be arranged at an extra cost.

Under worker’s compensation insurance two movers can carry up to 130 pounds weight. If upon arrival on the moving date Got2Move employees find any piece of furniture over the weight limit, by law they can refuse to move it. Two movers are only able to carry 130 pounds, three movers are only able to carry 200 pounds, four movers are only able to carry 270 pounds.

Moving blankets and wardrobe boxes are free to use during a move but must be returned upon delivery of the goods to the customer’s new location. Moving blankets and wardrobe boxes can be bought at $15 per each. A $300/day security parking fee will apply in case if the customer refuses to accept delivery at the time agreed. The final bill may be charged before the completion of the unloading process. Got2Move does not accept personal or business checks under any circumstances.

The shipper is responsible for providing parking spaces for his/her move at all locations of pick-up and delivery. The shipper is liable for any parking tickets due to inability to obtain a parking permit or reserving other legal parking spaces at any locations where he/she requires movers to stop. Any tickets or fines incurred during your move due to a lack of reserved or available parking will be added to the bill.  The shipper is responsible for watching a truck while movers are working to ensure the safety of his/her belongings; otherwise, an additional mover should be hired to do so. Not reserving parking can add greatly to the walking distance necessary for a move and thus the time and cost.

In accordance with the rules of the CPUC, the carrier is required to ensure the shipper has been given the booklet “IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR PERSONS MOVING HOUSEHOLD GOODS (WITHIN CALIFORNIA)”. It is sent electronically. Please note that there is very important information about moving companies’ and shippers’ rights, responsibilities, liabilities while arranging and performing moving services within California.

The CPUC requires that an “Agreement for Moving Services” be issued to the shipper by the carrier three days or more in advance the move. If you hire Got2Move for your move you agree to waive this right entirely. The “Agreement for Moving Services” also knows as a bill of lading will be provided on the moving date.