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The Best San Jose to Los Angeles Movers You’ll Find

With so many generic options in the market, the quest to find a quality team of San Jose to Los Angeles movers may seem challenging. However, our staff at Got2Move has earned a reputation as one of the best teams of San Jose to Los Angeles movers around precisely because we create a distinctly better moving experience for our customers moving between San Jose and Los Angeles.

To help illustrate exactly what sets our moving services from San Jose to Los Angeles apart from the moving services of other teams, here are some of the top aspects of our moving company that truly stand out in the market.

We have an amazing reputation and customer satisfaction rate

One aspect of our moving company that really sets us apart from the competition is our amazing reputation.

On customer review websites like Yelp, we have hundreds of positive customer reviews from satisfied customers who are happy to put their own reputation on the line and endorse us. Take one look at our Yelp page and you’ll find that there are very few other moving companies out there that can compete with our overall rating. We are truly in an elite category here.

If you’re not a fan of customer review websites like Yelp, you can check out other business review services like the Better Business Bureau. The BBB has been around a lot longer than Yelp, and uses their own strict criteria to grade businesses. We’re proud to have an A+ rating with BBB, which is the highest rating possible. Few other moving companies can parallel our excellence in this area.

Finally, our reputation isn’t limited to what’s online only. In the real world, our customers often turn into vocal referrers of our services to their friends, coworkers and family members, further boosting our reputation. If you haven’t heard of us yet, chances are you will soon as more and more people are talking about us all the time.

Our staff are all top-notch, dedicated moving professionals

The main driving force behind our amazing reputation as a moving company is the staff that makes our moving company possible.

We carefully select our staff with extensive background checks and a heavy bias towards people who are friendly, motivated, and dedicated to helping customers. In addition, we always aim to hire experienced moving professionals, and we cover any gaps in knowledge by regularly sharing best practices and new industry skills.

We believe that our hiring practices result in a high level of quality for our staff that truly sets us apart from most moving companies out there, and having a high quality team at your disposal can help make your San Jose to Los Angeles move as smooth as possible.

We accept a wide range of payment options for your convenience

When it comes to payment, don’t expect you to pay us until you’ve fully received the services you’re paying for and you’re completely satisfied with them. Avoid companies that try to charge you upfront – we think that’s totally unfair.

To make things especially easy for you, we’re glad to offer a wide range of payment options, including cash, check, credit card, and even some cryptocurrencies. We can also provide proof of payment any time and W-9 forms upon request. When it comes to making payments, we aim to make it smooth and simple while also providing you with any documentation you may need. We think you’re unlikely to find any other moving company that offers a superior range of payment options and documentation options.

Our pricing methodology is simple and transparent

In terms of pricing, we’re always happy to provide free quotes for your moving needs up front before the move happens.

Our customers have told us that they love our pricing quotes because they are fully transparent and simple to understand, as well as having extremely accurate estimates of all costs involved. Not only are our rates affordable, when we provide a moving quote we make it as simple and as clear as possible with no hidden charges or surprises.

This results in affordable moving quotes that are straightforward and honest, with no misunderstandings. For a long distance move between San Jose and Los Angeles, this level of transparency is critical to avoid confusion along the way.

We’re super familiar with the Bay Area and Los Angeles

While some moving companies out there may appear big on the national level or come with a familiar name, it’s important to make sure that you choose a moving team that’s familiar with the areas that you’re moving in and out of.

At Got2Move, we’ve done long distance moves between San Jose and Los Angeles countless times, and we’re familiar with both ends of the move. Long distance moves between San Jose and Los Angeles can be challenging for inexperienced or less professional teams, but for our team, this move is a piece of cake.

If you’re ready to get your free moving quote, pick up the phone or fire up your email and get in touch with us today. Our friendly team of professional movers is always happy to help you get your moving plans underway.