Tips to Get an Accurate Local Moving Quote In California?

A local move in California is any move where driving between pickup and delivery addresses is less than 100 miles. The majority of all local moves are performed without a prior in-home (on-site) estimates. Such moves are normally charged hourly. However, many moving companies both in the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles, San Diego apply different charges on top of their hourly rates. Make sure to ask local moving companies what kind of fees and charges they apply to a final bill besides an hourly rate. The best way to get ‘the not exceed price’ for a local move is to arrange an in-home estimate. Sometimes it’s not an option. Before speaking to any movers, first, do your research to see if you can trust them. Please, read our article ‘9 RED FLAGS BEFORE HIRING MOVERS.’ So this post will help you to get an accurate moving quote.


1. Provide the number of rooms and square footage of the home, or the size of the office, or storage. Mention how many people live in the home or how many employees work in the office.

2. Provide a list of items to be moved or arrange a video walk-through. If you trust movers you are hiring and/or have no time to work on the full list then read further.

3. Provide an estimated number of boxes.

4. Specify the heaviest and bulkiest items in your residence or office. Sometimes the bulkiest item is not the heaviest one – a fireproof small gun safe may weight 500 pounds while being the size of a small storage cube, for instance.

5. Let the companies know if you want them to pack your boxes or not. Packing, as a rule, very tedious and takes time thus costs money while vacating your time. One of the most difficult things in moving business is to provide a cost estimate for packing boxes. Be ready for follow-up questions if you want movers to pack your stuff.

6. Let the movers know if they would need to use any stairs and/or elevators at any locations.

7. Inform movers about the approximate walking distance between your home and parking zone at the pickup and delivery locations.

8. Check with your building management if they have any specific rules conducting moving at their premises and inform your moving company. For example, in many high-rise buildings in San Francisco and Los Angeles, they don’t allow to leave any items outside their elevators which means that moving crews have to take a few items and move them down to a truck. It’d be more efficient to have that elevator filled in with more stuff but the management wouldn’t allow to do so.

9. Will you require movers to take anything to a dumpster? Professional moving companies wouldn’t risk their reputation and license to leave unneeded items just in someone’s neighborhood but rather would go to a dumpster where they are charged by the weight and nature of the dumped items. It costs extra to get rid of any appliances, mattresses, box springs, and flammable items, for example.

10. Provide addresses or at least all zip codes where you will need your movers to stop.

11. Let the moving companies know if you have any restrictions for any kind of trucks in your current place or the place where you are moving to. We are sorry to say, but it’s your legal responsibility to take care of this. Believe us, most reputable companies will try hard to arrange your move even if you live in the jungles. Once we arrived to Tiburon to deliver someone’s goods and our team was asked by the local Police authorities to leave until our client would get a permit from the town… We had to come back on the next day. We felt sorry for the client but we had to charge for the extra time.

12. Provide the targeted moving date. Traffic may be different on different days.




Moving companies need to get as much details as possible from you in order to arrange your move in a right way and provide you an estimate. No matter which company you will choose you need to trust those movers.


Here at Got2Move honesty is our core value! We provide a so called ‘all-inclusive’ hourly rate for the majority of local moves. Our simple and straightforward pricing policy has helped us to earn the reputation of one of the most honest and professional movers in the Bay Area – you will not be ‘surprised’ with any hidden fees if you choose us. For big moving projects we encourage our customers to arrange a free on-site estimate with us at least 3-4 weeks before the move.