Think Twice



So, it’s decided. You want to move in with your loved one and you can’t wait to start the process. However, you still aren’t completely sure whether this is a good idea or not, are you? After all, how can you truly tell when you’re ready for this next step—and what are some of the positive and negative effects of this decision?


Since this decision will effectively shape the future of your life and daily routine, it’s a good thing that you’re concerned. Luckily for you, debating the pros and cons on your own isn’t necessary. Instead, check out the pros and cons of moving in together with a loved one below and begin the moving process with a confidence you wouldn’t have otherwise!


The Cons of Moving in Together


You’re already concerned just by simply trying to get a flat rate, find local movers in the Bay area, and find a cheap and high-quality housing option on the market. You don’t need to be mulling over a ton of positive and negative aspects of moving in with your loved one as well. That’s why we’ve compiled some of the worst parts of moving in together so you can see that even the worst things aren’t that bad.  


  • Privacy Becomes Less Attainable


You’ve probably heard this statement tossed around many times before from your friends and family members that are living together. The truth is that this can be a con as well as a pro depending on the way you look at it.


Privacy and moving


If you are someone that needs privacy and personal space from time to time, the transition may be a bit more rocky for you than it would be for others. One suggestion that many relationship counselors make is for the couple to have ‘me days’ throughout the month where they separate and spend time by themselves. This allows you to have time to relax and regroup before once again spending all your time with the other person. Another suggestion is to have hobbies and careers that give you a healthy amount of separation from one another and interaction with others.

These suggestions are especially ideal for the San Francisco, San Diego, and Los Angeles areas as the dense population means most starter apartments together are relatively small making it nearly impossible to find time and space for yourself and your needs. Similarly, moving couples such as San Diego to Bay Area movers are more likely to become stressed from the long distance moves causing instant problems the minute they move in together.


  • Spontaneity in Your Activities Isn’t as Easy 


You’ve been on your own for quite some time. You aren’t the kind of person that makes carefully planned decisions based on others’ needs. Instead, you’re pretty used to hitting the town or seeing a movie—or even staying in—without asking a single person for permission. Unfortunately, when you’ve moved in with someone, that spontaneity alters.


Although you can still make spontaneous decisions, the frequency of these decisions becomes different and, in most cases, you and your significant other spend more time planning around each other’s schedules than you do actually experiencing the moment you plan for.

This is especially pertinent when it comes to moving from one area to another. For instance, if you are a San Francisco to Los Angeles mover, you may want to see the new sites and experience everything Los Angeles has to offer. However, what you want to do and see may differ greatly from your loved one leading to scheduling problems.

The best way to tackle this is by creating a monthly couples calendar and keeping track of all events so as to never annoy or affect the other person’s schedule negatively.


  • You Can’t Avoid Each Other if You’re Fighting


Have you ever ghosted your significant other after a fight? Are you the kind of person that likes to turn your phone off and cool down? If you are, this may be the biggest con of moving in together for you. Why? Because moving in means your stuff is their stuff and vice versa. Gone are the days where you could relax at home and not worry about them busting through your bedroom door to keep fighting with you.


Fortunately, there are ways to successfully fight to resolve these problems early off and create a more cohesive and bonded relationship from them! In doing so, you can get over even the big stuff and move forward towards a happier and brighter version of your relationship.


  • Sick Days are Almost Always Doubled


If you hate getting sick but want to move in with your loved one, you’re not going to be a fan of this one. According to Mind Body Green, expect to be sick every time your loved one is and vice versa unless you take some serious precautions ahead of time.


Sick Days are Almost Always Doubled


Because of the way illnesses are transmitted, the most likely way to contract an illness is through pretty much everything a normal couple does together. Holding hands, kissing, using the same products, and simply being in the general proximity of a sick person are some of the most common ways to get sick.


Sound familiar?


The best way to avoid this is by paying attention to the signs of sickness ahead of time and eliminating them before they become an issue. Even then, the truth is that you still probably will get sick by them and vice versa. So, instead, focus on snuggling together and growing as a couple during those sick days rather than being angry at your loved one simply for being ill.


  • Your Money Isn’t Solely Yours Anymore


One of the biggest shocks for newly moved-in couples is that their money isn’t solely theirs any longer. Instead, their money is often combined and used to pay bills and for other housing necessities and pastimes. For individuals that already have a handle on their finances, the change may take a bit of getting used to.


One of the biggest issues to look out for, however, is a careless spender. If your loved one spends money in a careless manner, this could lead to you being dragged down into their financial debt. That’s why paying attention to more than your partner’s personality before moving in with them is so crucial. 


  • You Learn New Things About Each Other


Although the positive side of this will be discussed below, the negative side of this is that some new things you may learn won’t be great in the slightest. Perhaps, you find out your significant other is a mess or has a short temper. Maybe you learn of small idiosyncrasies about them which drive you mad or find out they are selfish with their money, household items, or pastimes.


You Learn new Things About Each Other


No matter what you learn about them, it may lead to you reconsidering your relationship entirely. The best way to avoid this and get past these concerns is to address them head-on and create compromises that suit the two of you equally.


The Pros of Moving in Together


Now that we have the cons out of the way, it’s time to talk about some of the many reasons moving in with your significant other is a magical thing! From new memories with packers and movers and exploring your new housing arrangements together all the way to breakfasts in bed and late night movie binges, moving in together may be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.


  • You Start to Want to Come Home

You’ve spent the last few years of your adult life waking up, going to work, perhaps, spending time with friends here and there, and then coming home to go to bed and do it all again the next day. With a loved one at home, you can start to enjoy your house and make memories within it that will last forever!


  • It Becomes Easier to Afford Things

As someone from California, you know how expensive the Bay Area, Los Angeles, and San Diego can be. However, living in any of these locations set you up for amazing memories and opportunities alike. That’s why having someone to help you with rent and other life expenses is so ideal. You may even finally have money left over each month to do things you couldn’t have been able to afford before.


  • You Finally Have Someone to Vent to

All those annoying work moments, traffic jams, awkward family gatherings, and confrontations on the street can be overwhelming when all you have is yourself to complain about it to. That’s where having a significant other in the picture is awesome. Instead of screaming into a pillow every time you get upset, you can actually vent about it to someone who cares and get positive feedback and suggestions in the process.


  • Keeping up House Chores is Easier

With two people eating, wearing clothes, using the bathroom, and sleeping in your home, it’s much easier to split chores and get them done in half the time. Instead of doing laundry or cleaning the kitchen all by yourself, you can switch off on weekly chores and finish them in no time.


  • Going out Together is Simpler

You know how up until now you’ve either had to meet at their place or them at yours? Maybe you even met at the bar, theater, restaurant, or event in the past. These meetups and timelines can often be annoying to uphold. Fortunately, with your loved one living with you and helping you prepare for the night ahead, you can leave the house at the same time, go to the location together, and say goodbye to all the past annoying date night procedures.


  • You Learn new Things About Each Other

As discussed above in the negative manner, learning new things about each other is a huge part of moving in together. Fortunately, there is also a positive manner of learning new things. This includes those moments when you wake up to them rubbing your back, find they made you a special dinner, see they got your car fixed or oil changed, or even just surprised you with a aspect of their personality you never noticed before.


These are the moments that further entwine you two and make your relationship even stronger. These are the moments that serve as the foundation for a life’s worth of amazing memories. In the end, this is the reason loved ones should move in with one another no matter how scary it may seem or how unsure they are time and time again.



Now that your worries about the decision itself are behind you, you may be worrying about the packing and moving process instead. Fortunately, we have a solution for this as well! By hiring a professional moving company such as Got 2 Move, you can even put the actual moving worries behind you as well and focus on the most important thing about moving in with a loved one; your exciting new decision together as a couple and what that means for your future!