Moving can go one of two ways; it is either one of the most exciting and fun memories ever—or a complete nightmare. For people that come unprepared, the latter is almost always the case. However, what if being prepared simply meant working with a trustworthy local bay area moving company and putting the rest behind you?

Fortunately for you, this is exactly the case. But, how do you choose the professional moving services that are right for you? Although this decision can often be a hard one, we have chosen to compile some of the reasons why working with the local movers at Got2Move may be the best solution for all people looking to move in the Bay Area and beyond.

Who are Got2Move?

According to Psychology Today, trusting someone starts with knowing them and what they represent. When it comes to Got2Move, it all begins with our story.

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Founded in San Francisco in 2004, Got2Move began with one czech immigrant, David, and progressed into the thriving moving company seen today. Now ran by yet another immigrant, Mikalai, the company has locations both in San Francisco and San Leandro and specializes in local moving services in the Bay Area stretching all the way from Santa Rosa to Brentwood, Livermore, San Jose, and various cities/areas in between.

On top of local moving services, Got2move also provides long distance moving within California and overnight deliveries to Los Angeles, San Diego, and Palm Springs.

Because of their immigrant background, Got2Move respects hard work and integrity and strives to showcase both in all of their endeavors. With countless happy customers, the company continues to expand their reach and clientele each and every day.

Now that you know more about the company itself and how it began, it’s time to ask the question everyone wants to know the answer to: what makes Got2move special in comparison to the countless professional movers near me?

What Makes Got2Move so Special?

No one likes a braggart. That’s why we’ve chosen to let one of our satisfied customers tell you what makes Got2Move special instead!

“About three months ago, I sold my house in San Rafael and moved to Napa. Before the move, I kept trying to find a trustworthy local moving company that would make sure my belongings were safely and neatly moved.

Having moved from one big house to another, there was a ton of stuff to pack and move and I was seriously overwhelmed. That’s when I found Got2move. The team at Got2Move not only pack and shipped my belongings but also answered all of my questions, organized my boxes, disassembled and reassembled my furniture, and walked me through the whole process step-by-step.

I had a ton of very expensive art on my walls and expensive decorations and furniture in my house that I was seriously worried about moving on my own. But, with Got2Move, all of my stuff was delivered unscathed and assembled neatly once there! I got to walk into my new home and feel completely at ease seeing all of my stuff was organized, assembled, and in perfect condition!

If you’re moving in California, I seriously recommend Got2Move! They are far more friendly and professional than the other moving companies I talked to when looking around and I’ve even told my friends and family about them in case they choose to move in the future as well! You won’t be disappointed in hiring them! I promise it!

— Sandra M. One out of Many Happy Got2Move Customers

Well, you heard it here first, folks! The experienced movers and packers at Got2Move strives to give the best experiences possible to every one of our customers so we have the privilege of sharing positive reviews such as this each and every time!

The way we do this is by providing every potential customer with all the answers they could every possibly want, friendliness not often seen in moving inquiries, and an extensive list of services to make moving as easy as 1-2-3!

Services Got2Move Offers

Although being friendly, responsive, attentive, and detail-oriented are all important factors that set Got2Move apart from other marin county movers and long distance moving companies, the services provided are also one way that Got2Move stands out in the crowd.

Below is a list of some of the services we provide and what exactly that means for you and your future move.

Professional Box Packing

Perhaps, your ‘uncle Joe’ is the ‘expert packer’ of the family but, let’s be honest, you’ve seen better taping and labeling from a five-year-old. Still, even if you have some serious packing skills, why bother when Got2Move provides professional box packing that takes the stress of packing out of your hands and into our own?

Professional Furniture Packing

You’re probably staring right now at that one desk or that chair in the living room with the dent or scratch on it. You also probably remember exactly how it happened and where you were moving at the time.

Instead of dealing with ‘furniture dent trauma’, leave the furniture packing up to us and we will happily pack all of your furniture using moving blankets and shrink-wrap alike!


Although you probably could get the materials and tools neede to crate your own stuff, why would you when Got2move can do it for you? After all, we have the tools and the materials at our fingertips — and we know how to do it the right way to prevent your precious items from being destroyed on the trip over.

Artwork Packing

Many house decor specialists will tell you that the art in a room is what truly makes it. With that said, you don’t want your artwork winding up in tatters simply from a move. That’s where Got2Move comes in to make sure your artwork is safe and sound from point A all the way to point B.

Furniture Disassembly and Reassembly

Who here has been personally victimized by an IKEA furniture assembly manual[1] ? If you just raised your hand then you know how annoying disassembling and then reassembling your furniture can be.

Fortunately, at Got2Move, we take that stress off your back and provide you with disassemblance, packing, shipping, and then resemblance in your new home!

Office Moving

If you thought a house move was bad, imagine moving everything in your offices all by yourself? Computers, chairs, desks, projectors, and so much more! Well, what if you could simply sit back and relax as a professional moving term did it all for you? Luckily, Got2Move actually will!

Short and Long-Term Storage

Perhaps, it’s not the move itself that’s the issue but where to put it all. That’s where Got2Move’s short and long-term storage services come in handy. Whether it’s your extensive art collection, sports memorabilia, or excess furniture for your home, we’ve got storage options that are right for you.

So, now you know the services Got2Move offers and the things that make us so special, but what are the benefits for you specifically in working with Got2Move?

The Benefits of Working with Got2Move

There are so many reasons to work with Got2Move over other moving companies in the Bay Area as seen above, but here are a few more to consider!

Clear Pricing Policy – No Hidden Fees

Imagine going out to eat and buying a ten dollar burger and fries but then getting a bill that’s fifty dollars because of a ‘service fee’. No one would simply pay that bill and move on with life. So, why pay the bill for a moving company if it doesn’t make sense? At Got2move, we don’t dupe you with hidden fees or charges. What we say it will cost, it will cost.

Professional Trained Movers

Currently, Got2Move has 25 trained professional drivers and movers under their belt and are always looking for more rockstars to add to the team. From our office to our final delivery point, you are sure to feel comfortable and informed with our guys on your side.

6 Mistakes People Make When Hiring Movers

Friendly and Knowledgeable Office Staff

Isn’t it simply the worst when you walk into a location and ask for information only to be met with negativity and condescension? At Got2move, we don’t do negativity. Instead, all of our friendly and knowledgeable staff provide you with the answers you need in the blink of an eye to make moving with us a walk in the park.

Flat Rates For All Long Distance Moves

You’ve probably heard the horror stories before both online and from friends and family. You simply want to move from one part of California to another but the distance is so long you end up spending nearly three times what you expected! Well, at Got2Move, we give you a standard flat rate for all long distance moves  so you never have to pay extra for adventure!

Free On-Site Estimates

Perhaps, you’re just browsing right now or don’t feel like giving us a call just yet. That’s okay, we get it! However, it doesn’t hurt to have a ballpark estimate of how much you will be paying for your future move with us.

That’s why we’ve provided a free on-site estimate calculator that will help you to determine just how much you’ll be paying to start your new life in your new home.

Facetime or Whatsapp Video Calls

Unlike other moving companies, we know how important face-to-face contact can be. That’s why we use Facetime and Whatsapp video calls throughout the moving process to truly keep you connected with us and your stuff the whole way.

Licensed and Insured Moving Company

Lastly, one of the most important differentiations between us and other Bay Area movers is that Got2Move is a licensed and insured moving company. We don’t just rely on our positive reviews and charm to sell you.


Instead, we let our certifications and failsafe do the talking. After all, they may be ab it more persuasive than a compliment to a concerned customer anyways, right?

WIth a look into our company and its values, a description of the services we offer, and some of the benefits of working with us on your next local move, it’s time for you to use the information you’ve read to determine whether our care and dedication are the kinds of things you want associated with your next big life transition! If you like what you’ve seen, feel free to contact us today[1]  and, together, we will make this move a piece of cake that you actually get to eat too!

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