Learn How to Find Trustworthy Help For Your Move

Looking for reliable yelp movers in the Bay Area? These four tips can help you spot the red flags left by scammers posting fake moving reviews online.


Let's be honest – for most people moving is not fun. Once you've closed on the perfect place and secured your new keys, you can finally move your things over. But how do you decide on a company that you can honestly trust with all your worldly possessions?


You can try word-of-mouth, hoping one of your friends or family offers a recommendation. But if you are not sure where to start, or you're moving to an unfamiliar city, this might not yield the best results. Thanks to the portable technology behind smartphones, you can now type in a few keywords and find a moving company from just about anywhere, so that should be easy enough! But, unfortunately, there are many scammers out there, and they are often masquerading as real companies.


Many will even go as far as to create fake top-rated Yelp accounts to generate fraudulent reviews to fool potential clientele. So how can you avoid these and find reliable Bay Area Yelp movers? We can help you recognize the red flags so you can find a legitimate company to help you complete your move. 


Spotting the Signs of Fake Moving Companies

Sites like Yelp can help give you insight into various local companies, offering customer accounts and testimonials that you can read to help make a decision. Let's say you are moving to the Bay Area; starting your search for movers with top rated yelp moving companies in San Francisco can help you narrow down your search for packers and movers. The trouble is, some fraudulent businesses create fake profiles on Yelp to con unsuspecting clients.


Fake reviews are written to generate a 5-star rating to make them seem legitimate when the company is not licensed, uninsured or simply offers poor service. Beware of the following signs, as they can be signs of a fake Yelp account:


  1. #1. Nearly 100% 5-star reviews. If almost every review is a 5-star review, with only a few negative reviews (3 stars and below), or even none, it should raise suspicion. While every company strives to do their absolute best, it’s more likely to find a mixed array of reviews.

    Keep an eye out for reviews with pictures or personal stories. Take your time to read through as many as you can. Generic, vague reviews that compliment the company without any personal details might be fake.

  2. #2. Multiple 5-star reviews in a short period - especially if following a negative review. In the event of a mishap, a disgruntled customer might want to alert other potential clients by leaving a remark reflecting on their experience. Of course, a negative review can have adverse effects on your company's reputation, so some businesses try to cover it up by paying for a slew of fake reviews to offset or even bury negative remarks.

    Do some digging and check past reviews, even those that aren't immediately displayed. This can give you a closer look into what type of experience previous customers have had and how the company handles customer service. Lack of professionalism, insults, or foul language can almost guarantee they won't treat you or your furniture with proper respect.

  3. #3. Top-rated with no license or physical address. In 2019, we see more and more companies abandon the brick-and-mortar storefront for remote operations, but lack of a physical address could be a red flag. Even entirely web-based companies need a mailing address, so be wary of any website that avoids mention of this type of contact information. However, this might not always be a signifier of a fake site. Look for other clues that might help you determine whether it is a reliable moving company. Complete customer testimonials, pictures, videos, and a well-developed website are all good signs. A legitimate moving company should also provide proof of their license.

  4. #4. Out-of-town reviews. Another signal to look out for is a myriad of recent posts by people whose accounts show a different location, such as another city or state. Of course, with a moving company, this can be considered normal, but too many could be a bad sign, especailly if a ‘reviewer’ is located in another state while a company does not offer long distance moving services.Search through the account’s past Yelp reviews. If the poster is located in a significantly different location, or if they have posted other recent reviews in local establishments outside of where the company operates, it could be a sign of a fake.

What Can You Do To Navigate Fake Yelp Movers?


While Yelp and similar services use filters to combat fake accounts and fraudulent reviews, the truth is, when one goes down, another goes up. Ultimately, the best thing to do is to be diligent in your research before hiring a company.


Here are some clever tips to help you instantly spot fake reviews:

Look for exaggerations

If a remark is exceptionally upbeat, it's probably not just an extremely enthusiastic customer. Conversely, overly negative comments could also signal a fake review, since other companies will sometimes hire someone to slander their competition. Look out for hyperboles, such as "the best movers" or "the worst experience of my life".

Take note of repeated words or phrases

If you’re seeing many different reviews that all have the same general message, or worse, are using the same phrases, you might be reading a fake post. Oftentimes, a company will have employees or paid freelancers write these reviews, so it's not uncommon for them to use variations of the same keywords.

Avoid unnaturally “ad-like” reviews

Remember, pages like Yelp are for real people to share their testimonials and customer experience. It’s unlikely they would be training in marketing or copywriting, so look out for any reviews that seem more like a press release than a customer’s description.

Are there too many (or not enough) details?

A good review should be able to provide insight into the customer experience. As we mentioned, a vague review could be a sign of a fake. On the other hand, you should also look out for comments that use too many details or include unrelated information.

Check the time and date of the review.

If you are hesitant about trusting a company, take a quick look at the time and date their most recent, glowing reviews were written. Similarly worded reviews that were published on the same day or with a day or two of each other could be a red flag.

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