Los Angeles to San Francisco Movers. Get Flat Rate!

Here at Got2Move we strongly believe that each and every person looking for a long distance move between Greater Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay Area should get a ‘flat rate’ price! There are a few simple things to follow in order to avoid overpaying for the move and losing your time and energy.


1. Choose at least 3 reputable, licensed and insured moving companies to collect quotes from. Read how to avoid scum movers in our post “9 RED FLAG BEFORE HIRING MOVERS.”


2.  Make sure that your move Los Angeles to San Francisco move would be handled by a licensed and insured moving company but not subcontractors or fake movers.


3. When you move from the City of Angeles to the City by the Bay demand a FLAT RATE or NOT TO EXCEED price only. Don’t accept any non-binding quotes which mean nothing but a promise of a good deal which will become a headache upon delivery. Do not let yourself to get ripped off by ambiguous weight or cubic feet quotes. If you don’t ask your movers to perform any extra services on a moving date rather than what was agreed upon the time of making the reservation your flat rate must remain the same!


4. Provide a detailed inventory and moving details if you want to get an accurate flat rate quote for Los Angeles to San Francisco moving service:

- The number of rooms and square footage of the home

- The exact list of items to be moved

- Provide the estimated number of boxes

- Specify the heaviest and bulkiest items in your residency

- Let the companies know if you want them to pack your boxes or not.

- Let the movers know if they would need to use any stairs and/or elevators at any locations.

- Notify them about the walking distance between your home and parking zone at the pickup and delivery locations.

- Check with your building management if they have any specific rules conducting moving at their premises and inform your moving company. 

- Provide addresses where you will need your movers to stop.

- Let the moving companies know if you have any restrictions for any kind of trucks in your current place or the place where you are moving to.

- Let the movers know if you are flexible with either pickup or delivery dates.



Got2Move has been one of a few professional moving companies in California providing flat rates for all long distance moving requests. 


Our difference:


  • years of experience moving people and businesses between the Bay Area and Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego
  • hundreds of happy customers
  • we offer Full Value Protection option
  • affordable Flat Rates
  • fast delivery (usually on the next day unless you want us to provide storage service)
  • great reputation (AMSA, BBB, Yelp, CPUC)