You are living in San Fransisco, and it’s time to move. You’re dreading every aspect of having to leave the Bay Area. From the packing to the heavy lifting, to the sorting, and cleaning of your home and office – moving is not fun.

To save yourself from the pain of doing all the heavy labor you are considering hiring local professional movers to help you out. A quick Google search of the price of moving companies in San Francisco pops up a whopping $200-$240 per hour! You’re not sure to invest in such a pricey service.

Are professional moving companies worth the cost of helping you make the considerable transit from the Bay Area to Los Angeles?

We believe yes.

You should always invest in professional moving companies over cheap ones.

Here’s why:

Professional Moving Companies Won’t Scam You

Cheap moving companies and movers in the Bay Area, San Francisco, San Mateo, and Burlingame are notorious for scamming their customers out of extra money. Prices may look cheap, but movers may try to pull a fast one on you:

  • Mover’s Hold Your Goods Hostage: The movers will refuse to unload your stuff from the truck until you agree to pay the extra cash (more money than was previously approved on). Essentially, movers will hold your items hostage!
  • Mover’s Ditch You: In this scam, you pay a moving company upfront. Come moving day, the movers never arrive. You just lost out on a huge sum of money for nothing.
  • Mover’s Steal Your Belongings: In this scenario, the mover’s load up all your belongings and agree to meet you are your new destination in Los Angeles. Except they never do. You just lost all your valuables and material properties.

All of these cheap mover scams are frightening as in all cases you lose out on a large chunk of cash or all your valuables and possessions.

Paying for a professional moving company with higher fees will save you a lot more money in the long run by keeping your extra cash and belongings safe.

Professional Moving Companies Won’t Damage Your Goods

You’ve hired a cheap mover and are in the process of making the big move out of your home and office from the Bay Area to Los Angeles. Everything is going smoothly. The movers unpack your load, and you give them a tip with a big sigh of relief. You start opening boxes to find your priceless collection of porcelain vases and fine china in pieces!

6 Mistakes People Make When Hiring Movers

You contact the company to find out the cheaper movers did not have any liability insurance to protect your goods. Even worse, you can’t file a claim against the company because in the fine print of your signed contract you realize you waived the mover’s responsibility to any material damage.

The cheap mover’s you hired to save some extra money wound up costing more than anticipated.

All professional moving companies are required to have a process for resolving disputes with their clients including offering or providing insurance and the ability to file a claim with the company.

In addition, they take more precautions during the move with professional packing.

Professionals don’t skimp on the costs of having plenty of materials like cushions, blankets, and foam to protect fragile items.

They also go the extra mile to load your things in the truck properly, so nothing falls or shakes during the drive.

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Professional movers in the Bay Area are more expensive because they take the extra precautions to make sure that your items are safe from damage. Extra precautions include liability insurance, claims, materials, and professional packing.

Hiring a cheap mover may save a buck initially, but ultimately you are risking a monetary loss if your valuables become damaged.

So how do you find a professional moving company and movers in the Bay Area that will give you the biggest bang for your buck?

Here’s our advice:

Get Moving Company Recommendations

Have some local friends that just made a big move? Ask them for their advice, which company did they choose and the standard of services. You can also get recommendations from coworkers and real estate agents around you. Find out what the best local moving companies are by word of mouth first, then take your search online.

Do a Background Check on Your Movers

Start to dig around online on your recommended companies. Check out the site’s customer reviews, the good and the bad, to get an initial feel for the movers.  See if the company has volunteered to be apart of the American Moving and Storage Association, which means the company has agreed to follow its standards and tariffs. Keep in mind the AMSA is voluntary and should not be the final deciding factor.

We highly recommend researching consumer complaint websites like and to see if any of the companies you are interested in are scammers.

Check The Moving Companies License and Insurance Policy

Contact the moving company to see if they have the proper license to move you. There are many cheap movers in the Bay Area and San Mateo regions that illegally solicit business under the pretense that they are legit.

To check on their license go to Federal Motor Carrier Association and enter in the mover’s license number.

Safersys will give you the following information:

  1. Correct contact information
  2. Number of inspections and crashes
  3. What kinds of goods they are legal to carry
  4. If they are legal for interstate moves
  5. If they are still open legally for hire
  6. How many drivers and trucks the company has

Use this information to make the best judgment call you can about the professional moving companies you are considering.

Do an In-Home Estimate with Your Professional Mover

Have a professional mover come to your house and show him EVERYTHING. Do not miss a detail to get the most accurate estimate from companies as you can.

Cheap and professional moving companies can challenge their original estimate if they believe there are more belongings to load on move day. The more information on the move you can give them including conditions that may complicate the move like stairs, elevators, and items that won’t fit through the door before, the less likely you will get a change in estimate the morning of the big day.

In Conclusion

Moving is already difficult and stressful. Hiring help is a great way to help relieve stress and safely move you to your new location.

Everyone wants to save a few bucks here and there, but cheap is not always better, especially in terms of moving.

Hiring cheap movers in the Bay Area may cost you some major bucks later down the road in terms of scams and damage to your belongings.

Always hire reliable movers that are licensed and experienced professionals that make it their priority to get you and your things safely to your new home.

Whether you’re moving to San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Mateo, or Burlingame, paying more for the security of a professional mover is always worth the extra penny.


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