Everyone makes mistakes—but, when it comes to moving, these mistakes can be fairly costly and inconvenient indeed. With countless horror stories out there (believe us, we’ve heard them all), it’s no wonder why you may feel nervous when choosing the moving company that’s right for you in the Bay Area.

Luckily, the one benefit of having so many horror stories are the patterns between them all. In fact, despite all of the stories we’ve heard over the years, there are some mistakes we hear all too often when the individuals first hired the company that could have helped them to completely avoid these problems before they ever arose.

With this said, we’ve compiled six of the most common mistakes people make when hiring movers so you can make a highly informed and appropriate moving company decision for your big day.

We hope learning from other’s mistakes will help you to avoid these blunders and have the best move possible. After all, moving is already stressful enough—so, why add bad movers to the equation?

Not Asking Enough Initial Questions

One of the things we at Got2Move hear quite often is that our clients with past horror stories felt as though they were rude or annoying for asking multiple questions before making a decision.

Google Reviews
Google Reviews

Whether this is their own discomfort or something the company itself may have made them feel, it’s not accurate or smart. Nothing should prevent you from asking multiple questions before choosing a local moving company that’s right for you.

After all, how can you expect to be prepared for the moving day without any information about the costs, the schedule, your protection plan, and what to expect on moving day?

With this said, when choosing local movers for your big day, don’t hesitate to ask every question that comes to mind. A professional company is sure to have a friendly staff that will gladly answer your questions and not make you feel as though you are rude for being curious about how your money is being spent with this business.

Trusting the ‘too Good to be True’ Quotes

Listen, we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again—if it sounds too good to be true, it is. There are only two reasons why a moving company would undersell their services:

  1. they want to scam you and disappear with the money, or
  2. they aren’t very confident in their abilities and don’t want to be held to the same high standard as movers and packers that charge the industry standard.

Either way, the outcome is not worth the discount. That’s why it is best that you choose a company that respects itself and recognizes its own value but still offers affordable moving despite this.

Try to find companies that adhere to the industry standard and never opt for one that is drastically below it if you don’t want to be severely disappointed.

Not Checking out Their Website for Establishment

Another big mistake movers make is not checking out the website of the company and simply relying on word-of-mouth, ads, or what they say on the phone. The truth is that, in this day and age, every moving company should have a website—and this website should have tons of pertinent information on it.

If a company does not have a website, this will either show that they are not as established as they may claim to be or are not as invested in their industry as you may have thought.

For this reason, it is best that you look up the company ahead of time, review their website, check out their various online resources, determine whether they are professional and established or not, and make your decision based on these factors.

Never Looking at Reviews on Yelp or on Their Site

Even having seen their site, you will still want to hear from past clients for an idea of their experience, professionalism, and success. While looking at the website, you may want to check to see if the company has reviews or provides their Yelp account.

If the company does not proudly showcase their reviews, there may be a reason for this. In this situation, you will want to check their Yelp profile for their reviews and their overall rating.

Profile on the YELP
Profile on the YELP
If the rating is below four stars, move on to the next company.

The last thing you want is a San Francisco moving company that is unable to create positive experiences for their clients.

Forgetting to Check That They are Licensed and Insured

Out of all of the mistakes that clients have made in the past, this may seem to be the most innocuous as first. However, this mistake could cost you dearly in the long run. To check if a moving company is both licensed and insured, follow these three steps below:

  • Go to apps.cpuc.ca.gov/apex
  • Choose carrier type – ‘Moving Company (MTR or HHG or T)
  • Choose carrier ID – For example, 191707 (Got2Move)

By doing this, you can see the results for yourself and determine if a company is appropriately certified before choosing to work with them.

The main reason for this is that moving insurance is the only thing preventing you from simply having to deal with property damage entirely on your own.

With this said, you will want to find a business that is licensed, insured, and offers full value protection plans for your property. Also, don’t be fooled into thinking that being licensed and insured means full value protection is already in place.

If a company tries to say this, they are simply trying to avoid the extra hassle of protecting all of your items completely which can lead to many issues in the future for you and your possessions.

Paying Upfront for the Move

Lastly, if a moving company asks you to pay upfront, run. For those that did not run when asked for large deposits, the outcome was losing money to a scammer during what should have been a simple move. This is highly inconvenient, especially considering many of these individuals then had to find an alternative moving company in less time and with less money.

A high-quality Bay Area moving company will not require this kind of upfront deposit and will understand that you want to see the work done before you put that kind of money down.

In the end, don’t make these mistakes—seriously. If all it takes is knowing these mistakes and taking minor preventative measures like asking questions and doing online research to stay safe during your move, why would you ever let the universe take the wheel?

Instead, instill some semblance of personal protection, don’t fall for the scams, and find the right movers and packers for you with the qualifications and experience you rightfully deserve.


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