San Francisco is one of the most desirable places to live in the entire United States. With natural beauty everywhere you turn, countless career opportunities, and plenty of culture to enjoy, it’s easy to see why so many people love calling this city home.

If you are thinking about making the move to San Francisco, there are a few things you should think about in advance. In this post, we’d like to offer up five key things to consider before making your plans.

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Significant Cost of Living

There is no way to get around this one – San Francisco is an expensive place to live. While the results of cost of living studies will vary from year to year and study to study depending on various factors, San Francisco consistently ranks up near the top in the United States. In fact, multiple cities around the Bay Area are frequently seen on such lists, indicating just how expensive it is to live in this great place.

Top 10 Most Expensive Cities in the United States
Top 10 Most Expensive Cities in the United States

So, why would you spend so much money when there are less expensive places to call home? Well, you can think about it this way – if so many people are willing to pay the price in order to live in San Francisco, there must be a reason. All of the great things you associate with San Francisco are what make it so appealing as a place to live and are also what make it so expensive.

Ultimately, it is up to each individual and each family to decide if the cost of living in San Francisco is justified by the quality of life enjoyed in the city.

Planning Your Commute

To go along with the high cost of living, another factor to consider with regard to life in San Francisco is the traffic. Trying to get around the Bay Area during certain times of day – mornings and evenings during the week, for instance – can be notoriously difficult. The large population in the area, along with the significant tourism that brings even more people to the region, makes for difficult traffic conditions on a regular basis.

Of course, there isn’t much you can do about the traffic. However, as someone considering moving into the area, you do have an opportunity to strategically select the location of your home. If you already know where you will be working, you can focus your housing search on areas that are going to leave you with a reasonable commute.

If you can manage to live within a few miles of your work, the matter of traffic won’t be such a concern as part of your day to day life.

A Different Mode of Transportation

Speaking of traffic, you are bound to be stuck in it from time to time when you head out in your vehicle. But what if you were to use another mode of transportation to get around to places that are relatively close to your new home? We are talking about riding a bike, and it shouldn’t be surprising that this kind of transportation is so popular in and around San Francisco. Not only is it cheaper to own and operate a bike than a car, you will also have an advantage in terms of getting around the city.

Not interested in riding a bike? Simply walking from place to place is another great way to get around. This will obviously be more feasible if you do end up living close to places you will frequent, like your office, restaurants, bars, etc. Investing in a comfortable pair of shoes for walking a few blocks to various places is a smart move when first getting settled in San Francisco.

Dining Options

Among the many appealing things about living in San Francisco is the tremendous dining opportunities that can be found all over the city. As is usually the case with a city on the coast, seafood is not hard to find in town.

Restaurants in San Francisco
Restaurants in San Francisco

But that’s just the start, as there is cuisine from many different cultures to be enjoyed as well, from fine dining down to casual fare served from food trucks. Whether you don’t like to cook at home or just enjoy exploring the restaurants in your area, San Francisco is a perfect place to settle for the dedicated foodie.

Interesting Weather

When you think about California weather, what comes to find first? Most likely, you picture bright sunshine and clear blue skies, along with warm temperatures. While that can certainly be the case in San Francisco, don’t expect to see that out your window when you wake up each morning. Those who have only spent a little time in

San Francisco, or have never visited before, are often surprised by the weather after they move. Average temperatures in San Francisco are surprisingly consistent throughout the year. Average high temperatures in the winter are in the high-50s to low-60s, while average highs in the summer range from the high-60s to mid-70s.

It does rain a little more in the winter than the summer, and there is always the potential of the famous fog to contend with.

In all, living in San Francisco can be a great experience. Whether you are drawn to the area by the career opportunities it presents, the outdoor recreation, the food and culture, or anything else, it’s likely that you’ll love what you find. Sure, there are drawbacks like the cost of living and traffic that will make you think twice, but everywhere you can call home will have something that is less than ideal.

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