Why should moving be so secretive? So many moving companies out there try to keep every little detail out of the public’s eye hoping to not be called out for overcharging or doing things the wrong way.


The truth is that moving shouldn’t be some closed-doors secretive whisper session between movers and packers. You deserve to know what most moving companies won’t tell you and, with this in mind, we at Got2Move chose to do just that.

Below are five things most moving companies won’t tell you along with why they want these specific details to be hidden from you during the hiring process.

With these insider tips under your belt, you can officially hit the moving market well-informed and ready for any curveballs that a low-quality moving company might throw your way.

‘Licensed and Insured’ Does not Mean Your Stuff is Fully Protected

Here’s the deal—if you ask a moving company whether they provide full value protection plans and they tell you, “Well, we’re licensed and insured” then they’re yanking your chain.

insurance from got2move

A professional moving company provides moving insurance and coverage and is not afraid to boast about this even over the phone. If the company you are interested in does not do this, it may be time to look elsewhere since your items are obviously valuable to you and shouldn’t be damaged with no way to repair or replace them.

Companies That Don’t Offer Coverage at More than $0.60 per Pound are not Confident in the Level of Their Services

Here’s a good analogy for this common moving situation. Imagine you and Picasso live in the same time period and are both selling a painting. However, you have no previous art experience and Picasso is—well, Picasso.

The day comes for you both to put a price tag on your pieces at a local art gallery and try to sell them. While Picasso likely would charge a large amount for his custom piece of work because he is confident in his ability, knows the weight of his name, and knows the quality of the art piece, you likely wouldn’t charge anything at all knowing it wouldn’t sell if you put a price mark similar to Picasso’s on your own.

This can be transferred to the coverage that a moving company in the Bay Area offers. If a company doesn’t offer coverage at more than $0.60 per pound, we don’t recommend working with them because they are clearly not confident in the level of their services and the quality of the jobs they perform.

It’s Illegal to Charge for the use of Stairs or an Elevator in California

Listen, you’re a Californian living in San Francisco, San Diego, or Los Angeles. You know well and good that pretty much every moving experience takes place in an elevator or up and down stairs. It’s no secret that we Californians love stacking ourselves like Jenga pieces.

Dancing in elevator

With this said, why should you pay extra for the status quo? Well, the truth is that you absolutely shouldn’t. In fact, it’s against the law to be forced to pay more for living in an apartment building or loft and needing a moving company to go up and down stairs or in an elevator.

If a company tries to upcharge you for stairs or elevator usage, don’t let it slide. Inform them of the law and watch as they backtrack magnificently.

Many Moving Companies Listed on Yelp in California are Unlicensed

Let’s be honest, Yelp doesn’t require you to be some kind of moving pro to have a profile. In fact, many moving companies listed on Yelp in California aren’t even licensed professionals.

This is a major problem as the license is one of the main things that can show to you how qualified these individuals are. To review whether or not this moving company is licensed or not, simply follow these three steps:

If you find that the company is not licensed, move on to the next one. The last thing you want is a company that isn’t invested or proven to be professional in their business endeavors.

Most Reputable Companies are Willing to Give a Discount During Off-Peak Seasons and Days

The last one on this list is more of a hidden positive scoop than something a company would try to hide from you. The tip is that most reputable moving companies are willing to give a small discount during off-peak season and days such as winter time and certain days in the middle of each month. The actual off-peak days varies from company to company but is usually the Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays in the middle of the month.

To see if the company of your choosing honors these discounts, simply ask but don’t demand. The key to this tip is to be respectful and understanding if the company you chose to work with doesn’t do this.

In the end, moving shouldn’t be some secretive insider scoop. You deserve to know how your money is being spent, how safe your property is with a certain company, when you are being scammed, and how you may be able to save money by choosing particular time periods to move.

That’s why we at Got2Move continue to demystify the moving experience for our many clients and blog readers. If you want to know more about what makes Got2Move one of the most highly reputable Bay Area moving companies, feel free to contact us today and we are sure to answer any and all of your questions without giving you the runaround treatment.


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